For the writers, what are you currently working on?  And how's it going?

I'm waiting for edits back on my latest Grace deHaviland novel and half way through writing my second Nick Lafferty thriller.

And for the readers here--what are you reading?

I'm in the middle of Allison Brennan's CUTTING EDGE. Its good.

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Good for you.  I did the same some years ago. My readers were begging for the collection, but the publisher wasn't interested. I pubbed it myself. It doesn't sell as well as the novels, but it sells.

My current publisher said they would take it, but it was going to be another year before it came out.  After much discussion, we agreed it would be better if I just brought it out, and they agreed to help publicize it.  They have a free sample offer on their website, where you can get the first few chapters of a novel for free, and a 35% off coupon.  They're going to include a short story with the free chapters of each of my novels, to promote both the short story collection and the novels.  I chose stories for each novel.  It's a win-win!

You are lucky in your publisher. I hate to say it, but I'll never trust another one myself. (Except for translations).


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