Which authors do you enjoy so much you've read every one of their books?

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Ian Rankin for me.

Josh Lanyon - after I read Fair Game I had to go and read everything he had written.  The Adrien English series was excellent.


Lindsey Davis, I love her Falco series - I have still to read the last one featuring his daughter.

Elmore Leonard (Haven't read all his westerns, but all the crime)

Lawrence Block (All but a few of the old ones, the porn)

Donald Westlake (All including those written as Richard Stark) (Especially those written as Richard Stark!)

J.K. Rowling (but just the Harry Potter books - haven't read her crime fiction)

Janet Evanovich (Almost all)

Carl Hiaasen (Almost all, but not the YA books yet)

Sue Grafton (Almost all)

Agatha Christie

Rex Stout

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Lee Child (Most)

Brendan DuBois (Almost all)

Dick Francis (But not the ones written by his son)

JD Robb's Death series. All the Faye Kellerman books, Steve Hamilton's Upper Michigan series, Janet Evanovitch, Lee Child, Dick Francis (and the ones written by his son), Robert Parkers stuff, Stewart Woods,


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