There's so much terrific talent out in crime fiction. Some of it is noticed, some of it isn't. Here's your chance to let the world know who you found. When they get big, you can say you found them first.


My suggestion would be Matthew C. Funk, aka MC Funk. He writes a lot of short work, but doesn't have a novel out. To me, that still means undiscovered. The words he chooses are incredible. They burn an image into your mind. I'm still gnawing on "Choppers," his piece over at Flash Fiction Offensive.


One day, when he's one of the biggest authors on the planet, I will refer people back to this post.


What about you? Who did you find?

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Matt Funk is an excellent choice. All of his short work is consistently outstanding.


I would put several other writers on that list. A good start would be Nigel Bird, Pablo D'Stair, and Ian Ayris. Pablo is now giving away his Trevor English novellas for free, some of the best noir out there.  

Ian Ayris has a novel coming out soon. I think the cat is out of the bag with him. Bird is another great pick.


The others I haven't heard of but will have to check out.

You just might find him or her in the first issue of Noir Nation, due out in September.

Where are the women picks, dudes?


I might go with Barbara Baraldi, whose big in Italy and was first published in translation last year by Max Crime with THE GIRL WITH THE CRYSTAL EYES. Don't think that many people have heard of her in the US.


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