If you're a suspense junkie like me, and you enjoy an imaginative pulse-pounding tale told expertly with 21st century macabre flair, then you can't go wrong with Jack Kilborn's Afraid.

Set in the small fictional Wisconsin community of Safe Haven, the novel opens with one of the most intense murder scenes I've ever read. Things grow progressively worse as we learn five ferocious technologically-enhanced supersoldiers have been unleashed to achieve an objective set forth by the mad scientist who "created" them.

Safe Haven's aging sheriff, along with a handful of ordinary townspeople, are left to fend off these murderous fiends.

But can any of them survive such an onslaught?

Make no mistake, this is a horror novel. Read it alone at night, or with a plate of lasagna in front of you, at your own risk.

Is it the scariest book ever?

You be the judge.


Coming March 31 to a bookstore near you.

So what's the scariest book you've ever read?

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Haven't read any Koontz or Crichton. They might.
Different strokes for different folks, I.J., but I think we have to at least acknowledge what enormous forces in the industry those authors are.
They make a lot of money for themselves and the publishers and bookstores. You're right. They are enormous forces, but I don't have to like them for that. Everybody in that equation is out for himself.
Just today I finished Stephen King's Misery (which is my favorite movie based on his work as well), mainly because I'm thinking of writing a claustrophobic thriller myself next and figured I could learn something.

It was quite scary with relentless suspense even though the actual violence is minimal at least by today's standards. Two interesting characters too. I liked how the novelist character demonstrated what it's like to be a novelist from day to day, e.g., a hyper active fantasy life. :)
Love that book, Eric!
I would say Dahmer definitely qualifies as frightening, Naomi.
Misery is indeed a good book. I would say rural Wisconsin would fit in with the 'when normal, everyday things go haywire', because it does not get more normal/everyday, than rural Wisconsin, but that is just my two cents.

and wow, could not believe I saw a Brewers zinger on here...nicely played.

I thought Afraid was actually pretty scary, and I have read The Exorcist, and it gave me chills while reading it, but I plodded right through to the end, and then had a nightmare the night I finished it-go figure.

What's really scary is that I remember Underdog cartoons. :)
What's even scarier is so do I! and now I have the theme song stuck in my head and it isn't even nine in the morning yet....yikes.
You know, I'm changing my mind here--you might be right. Super-nice Wisconsin hockey mom possessed by evil spirits would be really terrifying--no, wait, it would be funny. See? I can't do it. How about demonically possessed deer, picking up rifles and attacking a small Wisconsin farm community? You could call it Deer of Death, or something.
I actually laughed out loud at that Jon, and was given quite a few stares from those around me...but it was funny.

Konrath is a funny guy, so his 'horror' writing wont be as scary as something clive barker would write...but if you were going to write a horror novel and put it in the most unlikely of places, I could not think of a better locale.

I'm still laughing....
...the idea of some eerie supernatural something going on in Wisconsin seems laughable somehow. Maine, yes. New Orleans? Sure. Rural Wisconsin? Not so much.

There's actually nothing paranormal about Afraid. It's techno-, not supernatural, horror.

But I like the Deer of Death idea. How about Flesh-Eating Zombie Stags of Death? Could be a cult classic.


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