What do you enjoy most about writing and what do you like least in the process?

I'll start.

For me the best part is getting started. I'm a planner so  I enjoy taking a couple of days and working out the elements of my plot, the structure of the story.

The worse thing for me is, because I get distracted easily and bore quickly (always looking for that next new shiny thing) is slogging through the first or second draft, always anxious to get it done.

How about you? 

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Yep. Let readers wonder about some things. Not everyhting has to be tied up or explained.

And don't forget the dumb typos and grammar mistakes that beta readers tend to catch.  So embarrassing. 

Like most getting the story out. Start to finish ripping through the chapters scene by scene. I've written seat of my pants and by outline. Once I started a series, I really started planning because my characters have history and the settings have depth. I can't forget details from earlier books, so I plot and plan. My last stand alone included story boards that filled half my dining room.


Least like third time through edits. Start losing my lust for the story and haven't quite found the "love" to replace it. Then it is just plain labor.

Your method sounds a lot like mine, Karyn. A lot of notes about what's gone before and character traits for series regulars in page after page. I seriously have to start thinking about creating an organized bible for each series.

I'm in the third go round right now. And dreading some of it becasue of changes I need to make. Some are pretty involved which sort of pisses me off ;) but needs to be done.

I'm a complete pantser. That's the best bit - when it just seems to fall out onto the screen while bypassing my conscious brain entirely. When I'm living and breathing the story and can't think about anything else. I must be hell to live with. Or when I write an unexpected sentence and suddenly everything falls into place and I want to punch the air and yell "Yes!"

Least favourite? Right now - while I'm not actively writing. I'm twitchy and restless and the ideas aren't flowing ... yet.

I love that feeling where you knopw you really nailed it. a sentence or a concept. Its great.

I typically have the opposite problem, Debbie. I get too many ideas and I want to block them out so I can stay focus on whatever current project I'm on.

good luck.

Fortunately I've been here enough times that I trust my subconscious will come up with the goods sooner or later. I just need to have faith!

What I hate about my writing is not knowing the ending until the hero does. Then I almost have to rely on him to tell me what's going on. Then there's the mechanics; the outlines, the character histories, etc...

What I love is being there with my characters wherever they are. I love smelling the rain when they do, feeling the fear when they do. I get to admire the pretty gals without getting slapped. That's the hero's job.

Funny, isn't it? Not knowing the ending until the hero does is the bit I love! That's what makes it fun to write for me.

Oh, the irony! Having a character tell the story to YOU! 

I enjoy each new genre.  Currently published in 5. 6th is complete and half way through 7th.  Aiming for 10 genres.  I like the worlds that are made and value my characters like real people.  I hope they impact on the readership. Have been told my crime novel was a) written by a policeman b) written by a victim of rape c) written by a lecturer.  Seems most people take something different away and this relates to the forensic linguistic style applied to the text inspired by Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose.


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