Is anyone else signed up for Thrillerfest (NYC, July 11-14th)?

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Most definitely! I wouldn't miss it! Are you going as an author, or a fan?  (Or both?)

Author, you?

Author AND fan. And ITW board of directors member.  :)

I've been to ThrillerFest every year, and loved every one. I'm a total fangirl when I get around my favorite authors, and I love just hanging out and talking about thriller writing with anyone who's willing. For me, ThrillerFest is like one big party, but don't tell my husband that - I have him convinced that I go there to network and to work. Right.  ;)

I'll keep an eye out for you! If you're on Linked In, there's a discussion over there too about who's going. Meanwhile, can you point me to your website? I'd love to check out what you write.

Of course, author AND fan. Or maybe I should say writer and fan; I've only published short stories. I'm at that shopping the first novel/working on the second one stage. No website (yet), there's a list of shorts on my WAE page if you're interested -

I'll definitely look out for you at Thrillerfest.



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