I have two books ready to be edited.  One the fourth in a crime series.  The other the first in another crime series. What are the logistics of having two edited at once?  Seems it might be daunting and confusing.  Use the same editor? I do have one I use and like.  Any suggestions?

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I don't see why that should be a problem. If you like your editor, just explain ahead of time. Professional editors always work on a number of books. I assume he'll edit one after the other.

Thank you for the good advice, I. J. I got myself in a position where both ended up somehow with a similar publishing date. I guess one will have to be late. Otherwise one of us would probably go crazy. Most likely me!

:)  Well, he cannot read both simultaneously. 

I take it you are with a publisher.  My experience with publishers is that they don't much care about authors. I've been through that sort of pressure myself. We are the ones who have to meet deadlines and get threatening e-mails. They can take all the time they want.

By the way, why don't they provide the editing???

Dark Jetty Publishing does provide the editing. And they LOVE my work, tell me I'll be the next Dennis Lehane by next year. Would do ANYTHING for me. 

Only kidding!. I'm the owner.

Like I said though, I got myself in a pickle. A business error, I guess that all publishers deal with occasionally. I'll just have to delay one. It could be worse than having 2 books ready to go--I could have writer's block.

Thank you again, I. J.

In that case you are working to your own deadline (as am I these days). A deadline is a good thing, but things happen and you cannot always meet it.  Very good luck.  My guess is you won't have to wait more than a couple of weeks.

I've had two books being edited by the same person, but eventually moved one and it helped. I suggest two editors so they can focus on the task at hand.

I know all about missing deadlines. Finished my first suspense novel almost a year ago and self-edited for the past almost six months heading toward self-publishing.  Ready to have it professionally edited and difficult to find a good editor that's not over $800. So I wish you well and hope you make your deadline.  

The 4th in the Dan Marlowe/Hampton Beach, NH crime series, "Honeymoon Hotel" is now out in paper. EBook next week. 

The first in a new PI/Harvard Square & Boston's Combat Zone series, "The Combat Zone," will be out in paper and eBook Memorial Day.

So I made my deadlines, although I'd prefer to do them one at a time in the future.


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