Warning - don't take this book as your safari holiday reading - Free Kindle e-book offer 21-25 July

To celebrate the publication in the US of the second edition of The Liquidator, we’re offering it as a FREE Kindle ebook for a limited period.

Dangerous things happen in Africa.

People disappear.

Everybody knows that.

But as an outsider, Paul thinks he is safe, even from the secret police, whatever he starts to find, or wherever it leads. But when he finds himself holding a deadly secret as the country begins to implode how safe is he? And what will he be prepared to do to protect those around him?

After all, everyone knows wazungu cannot just disappear – not at least without a good explanation being provided to the authorities.

Everybody knows that – don’t they?

Africa noir – not the book to take as your safari holiday reading!

UK Kindle users  CLICK HERE for your FREE Kindle copy on 21 – 25 July 2012 from Amazon.co.uk.

US Kindle users please CLICK HERE to download from Amazon.com over the same dates.

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Awww, I thought it was something to make juice with.

Seriously, I picked it up. Thank you.  Not my usual cup of tea, but it sounds pretty interesting.

I was wondering the other day why there isn't more "noir"  set in Africa.  I mean, the whole continent is like an ongoing exercise in noir.  

Don't miss out - today's the last day for a FREE e-book copy of the liquidator

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