What are you watching in the way of mystery material?

I'm watching new Mentalist & Castle.   Elementary & reruns of S. Holmes.  Tired of FBI connection in series.  Liked the CBI in Mentalist & cop station in Castle.  Castle writers came to their senses & put Beckett back at headqtrs.  Mentalist not so much.  Have them with the FBI now. <Boring!>

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The TV has been so crummy lately, that I have been watching a lot of my DVDs.  Most recently, Hickson's Pocket Full of Rye.  I also ordered and just received the Father Brown DVDs from the 1970's.  I watched them in the past and thought it would be nice to have them for myself.

Tried "Sherlock Holmes", but didn't like it.

Justified started again last night. Looking forward to the return of Longmire. Those are about it for shows on the air now that I follow. (Still playing catch-up with Castle on DVD).

May take a look at The Shield on DVD, and the early seasons of Homicide, since I didn't pick up on the show until it was near the end of its run.

All good picks, gang.  Dana, Is Longmire a western themed mystery series?  Do you recommend it?  I. J., The Holmes airing currently takes place in contemp times.  It's okay.  Prefer Jeremy Britt though.  Pghfan, I have the trio Hickson collection with Pocket, Body/Library, Murder/Announced.  All good stuff.  Still want to watch all my Christmas and snowy Christies, Midsomers.  With this cold snap, it's a great time to catch up on books, TV series, DVD's (so long as they include mystery lol).  Enjoy, gang!

Longmire focuses on a sheriff in a fictional county in Wyoming. The stories are generally good, and the show does a great job with the interplay among its characters. It's well cast--the lead, Robert Taylor, is an Australian who could pass as a cowboy anywhere--and the performances are uniformly good. 

Season One appears to be available on NetFlix. Season Three probably begins late in the spring, if memory serves.

I'm not sure they qualify as mysteries, but I'm waiting for the return of THE AMERICANS and ORPHAN BLACK.

I'm a big fan of ORPHAN BLACK. I think its one of the best examples of TV currently on.

In midst of new series of Sherlock. At last, after what was it, two year gap while they were both in The Hobbit and other stuff.

Very good, although the moustache was a bit dodgy.

I choose even old Castle reruns over most other shows. I like the new Elementary well enough, too.

Rather watch any of the shows you lot mentioned over some of the reality stuff.  Surprised it's still so popular but then again maybe I shouldn't be.

Wow, the list is so long here. JUSTIFIED returned the other night so that's top of my list. For police procedurals LAW & ORDER: SVU and MAJOR CRIMES and I enjoy BLUE BLOODS. CASTLE, and ELEMENTARY.

For spy thriller type stuff I'm mourning the just concluded NIKITA over on the CW. (Yes, I know the CW). But it was a great, fast-pace, kick ass show with smart stories, great characters and performances, and good writing, Though the season before last did sort of jump the shark a bit. 

Someone mentioned ORPHAN BLACK also a show I highly recommend. I was bummed Tatiana Maslany didn't win the Golden Globe last night but at least she was nominated and that in itself is recognition for the work she did.


Yeah, it is long.  Thanks for the suggestions, replies, gang!


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