What are you watching in the way of mystery material?

I'm watching new Mentalist & Castle.   Elementary & reruns of S. Holmes.  Tired of FBI connection in series.  Liked the CBI in Mentalist & cop station in Castle.  Castle writers came to their senses & put Beckett back at headqtrs.  Mentalist not so much.  Have them with the FBI now. <Boring!>

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Watching the new Sherlock Holmes and have the latest installment recorded.  Will there be marriage for Watson?  Oh, no!  lol

In the books, he does get married.

Just binge-watched Sherlock on Netflix, but they only had the first two seasons, and the third has just expired from PBS.  :-(  We also love Justified.  Just finished rewatching Breaking Bad.  Just started watching Lilyhammer, which is quite good.

The Beloved Spouse and I finally gave THE SHIELD a chance; now we're hooked. Wrapping up Season 4 tonight.

I have discovered that my local PBS channel has another channel which broadcasts international crime series, with subtitles, of course. The broadcast service is called MHz. I'm now watching three series: HENNING MANKELL'S WALLANDER (in Swedish), INSPECTOR MONTALBANO (in Italian)(Book series by Camillera), and UNIT ONE (in German). There are a bunch more, but these are the only ones I think are good enough to warrant reading subtitles.

Other sources are Netflix and AcornTV.

I decided to give THE FALL with Gillian Anderson of X-Files fame a second try. It's available on Netflix. I watched about half of the first episode and gave up--thought it was slow and I have a horrible ear for thick, heavy accents so made it difficult for me to follow--but seeing that episode 1 just won the Edgar Award I went back to check it out again. I'm happy to say, the second half of episode 1 picked up and taken as a whole I enjoyed it. Looks like I'll check out the rest of the season, which is only five episodes in all. Here's the official website if you want to check it out.


Finished binge watching THE SHIELD last week with The Beloved Spouse. Great show with the best ending ever. HIghest recommendation.

Another season of LONGMIRE starting on network TV. Yay!

Just binge-watched Broadchurch. Fabulous British crime drama. I love David Tennant anyway, but this is really good. Also watched Happy Valley, which is very good, but very dark.

Season 2 of Broadchurch should be starting soon. I'm a big Tennant fan, too.

I've been watching a series called Crime Scene Cleaner on the MzH TV channel. It's a German 30-minute show. Each show sees the cleaner on assignment, during which he meets someone and converses. Very funny, it's sort of a German Seinfeld.

Castle is my favorite followed by Elementary and Bones

I prefer the old black and whites. Perry Mason, Thriller, and other classics.


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