What Are You Wearing (Mainly) When You're Writing Or on the Computer?

Hi All,


Thought I'd start a fun topic! Everyone always talks about their favorite place and time to write but I wonder what we all wear when we are writing. How tacky we must all look when we're sitting around the house on the computer, LOL.


For me, it's my nightgown, housedress and flipflops. And yes, I don't look my normal gorgeous self around the house and any woman who says she does...fellas don't believe her, LOL! What we look like in public sometimes is completely different than what we look like around the house.


That goes for guys too! 


Anyway, what's your normal, at-the-computer attire? And don't dress it up, be honest.  Anyone type naked? LOL.


Best Wishes!


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Barefooted, jeans and nightshirt until I stop to make a run to Starbucks.
Nothing special...

My most comfortable jeans and a sweatshirt (winter) or a tee-shirt (summer).

Not sure that this will help make anyone's writing better. I've never got much inspiration from clothes.
Jon, Haaaaaa! I'm glad I wasn't drinking because I would've spit all over my keyboard! LOL! I definitely see the resemblance! Thanks for the laugh of the day! I'm rolling!
I wear the most comfortable clothes I can find, usually a pair of slacks and a sleeveless knit top because it's hellishly hot here in Texas.
Hi P.B.

Tell me about it! I'm a fellow Texan myself. A Houstonian, no doubt. You're talking about hot AND humid, LOL!

Best Wishes!

I wear a suit of armour, 13th Century Austrian, with the inside lined with sandpaper. It keeps me alert.

But Thursdays are Thong days. :O
I don't bother to change when I'm at the computer - I wear what ever I was wearing at the time. But I always have my pink blanket over my legs because it gets bloody cold in my computer room
I hadn't realized this until your question made me think about it, but I do much of my writing at the local B&N partly because that makes me get dressed and act like a real person.
Pajamas, mostly, because I usually start working at the computer around 5:30 - 6:00 a.m. (not just writing, but also Backspace and International Thriller Writers stuff), and by the time I come up for air, it's noon-ish and holy cow - there I am, still in my jammies!
At the moment, jeans and a t shirt. Usually it is what ever I happen to be wearing. This makes me think though: perhaps I should have a lucky hat or some other prop, as an aid to concentration.
Jeans and a tee-shirt, white socks. Add a Sweatshirt in winter. On occasion I'll stay in the outfit I wore for teaching school that day, usually khakis and a polo shirt. I'm more interested in what my characters are wearing. Selena has a thing for shoes so I pay close attention to that.


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