"Justified," the new FX series based on crime novelist Elmore Leonard's character U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, premiered last night.

I really enjoyed it. The show felt stiff in the first half of the episode, but more than made up for it in the second.

Don't bother comparing the TV Givens to the book Givens. Outside of the cowboy hat, spaghetti Western code of ethics and general kick-ass/take-names paradigm, TV Givens is a far cry from book Givens. The fact the FX version is a series and not a direct screen interpretation of Leonard's work has something to do with it.

In case you're wondering, the name "Justified" is different from what the show was originally titled, "Lawman." Steven Segal messed that up with his "reality" show of the same name. "Justified" is OK, but "Lawman" has more of a crime novel feel to it. It's forgiveable though.

But that doesn't mean it isn't worth a watch. FX has a history of cranking out quality grit ("The Shield," "Rescue Me," etc.), and "Justified" should be another.

What did you think of the show?

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I think it's a great show. I'll be glad when it comes back for season premiere.
I do not know one man that does not like Justified. My brother and husband watched Crazies just because Tim Oliphant was in the cast. It seems to be the E. Leonard connection and the opening scene of the first episode that hooked them.
My husband is from Tulsa and has ancestors from Missouri. He likes the Kentucky setting and has tried to impress on me what unbelievably vicious people can be found in those environs. So, he really likes the transporting of the agent to the backwoods from the usual major metropolitan area setting.
The finale was awesome.
I haven't seen the series but one thing I like about Elmore Leonard's work that it's based on is that the characters from Kentucky and Oklahoma aren't presented as one-dimensional hicks. The bad guys are bad, sure, and some of them are dumb, but other characters from the area are smart, worldly and so on. Just like real life.
I agree with you. I hope I didn't convey otherwise. I am very close to numerous Oklahoma, Missouri, Kentucky natives that are intellegent, charming, and interesting. (They actually kind of condescend to we Texans.) Of course, the fringe element can be found in any group.
My husband was trying to impress upon me that there are also some very clever, yet ruthless characters in those hills--there have been generations of them for hundreds of years. Some of their crimes exceed or rival some of those in organized crime and gangs in the cities. Hence, there is a perfectly good reason to have a U. S. Marshall in the area--plenty of crimes to solve.
I saw Elmore Leonard on a morning show last week. He is writing a book to go with the series called Justified. He did not select the title and is not happy about, but says he is getting accustomed to the title. It takes place in Kentucky and has to do with Coal Miners and the U.S. Marshall on the series. As many of you know this is a recurring character in several of his books. Elmore Leonard is 85 years old.

I loved Olyphant in Deadwood and was hoping to like Justified, but things just didn't seem to work out. I just quite couldn't put my finger on just what it was that put me off. I think that it might have been my initial impression that Olyphant came across as simply playing a more talkative (although not much more) Bullock. I also got the overall impression Justified was just trying too hard.


I will give it another go on Netflix when I get around to it and its got a couple seasons released.

Anyone watching the new season? I've got it on OnDemand and it's much better than the first. It focuses more on a series-long story rather than individual cases.
Justified is must see TV at our house. The second season started a bit slower than the first, but now that I see there are two continuing story lines to weave around each week's key story, the Beloved Spouse and I are locked in.

Have you noticed it's gotten bloodier? When they rob that bus and the guy gets a wad of shot blown through his face, that was some pretty gory stuff. Each episode it seems they gun for one gross-out, cringe-inducing scene.


Not that I mind that...

I just got hooked on this series, then we downsized the number of channels and Justified disappeared. I hope this series comes out as a season DVD--I'll get my fix that way. Elmore Leonard's 'voice' comes through these scenes.

"He's got a hard bark."


That sums up the series right there.

This is currently my favourite show. I think what really is telling is that Elmore Leonard actually likes the show too. This is the guy that disowned the Get Shorty movie.


I've been posting this link on my blog and any time this show is raised; it is a free viewer of the short story Justified is based upon. It's on his publisher's webpage:



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