What do you think about the upcoming new Hawaii Five-O?

Here's a clip for the new Hawaii Five-O series coming to CBS this fall.  Remakes. . . what do you think of them?  Generally the consensus is remakes never reach the level of fanship the originals do.


But the new James Bond series is doing it.  And the re-introduction of the Star Trek franchise worked very well.  Does Hawaii Five-O have a chance?



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I demand Penis Parity!
You go, Minerva!
Oh - please please, I'm hoping that Steve McGarret's first new case is to investigate the murder of Horatio Kane so we NEVER EVER EVER have to watch David Caruso not-acting in anything else again.
Chances are I might watch it once but probably not. I watched a few times back then and don't plan to watch it now, have better things to do.
It's been a long time since Hawaii Five-O was originally on so I think it may have a shot if it is well done. Would be different to have something set in Hawaii again. The re-do of Star Trek was incredible and I'm a Trekkie. Not so sure about the new A-Team movie though


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