What is your definition of "important" when it comes to literature?

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I have a very low opinion of popular taste, both in books and in food. Note the public outcry against Twinkies disappearing and the very unhealthy and expensive fast food offerings that are making people obese and diabetic.


Avtually, an excellent comparison, Jude.  :)

It's also true, however, that there are works that achieve a consensus over time. True, tastes vary, but when an overwhelming majority of people who have gained a certain level of respect in the field say something passed muster, nothign is to be gained by insisting on using a stray outliers in attempt to invalidate that consensus.

To put it simply I just need the story-telling to be good. While I do value the correct usage of English (and it is a writer's responsibility as a smith of words to get it right) I am more interested in being sucked in to that make believe world. I read for entertainment more than education. 


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