What Show Are You Most Anticipating the Return of This Season?

For me it would be Ax Men (yep I love that show), Dirty Jobs and Southland. There are some others too but these are the ones I'm waiting on the most.

How about you?

Best Wishes!


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Nope, three seasons and a fourth on the way:

Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, and Meteorite Men (Two guys hunt for cool stuff in the desert!)
Any Breaking Fans here?
Just a heads up....
They start filming in January and the 4th season begins July 2011 !!

But once they start up, it'll be 13 episodes in a row like always.

Anyway, I like that as well as Big Bang Theory
As a big Breaking fan, I was really, really happy to see Aaron Paul win an Emmy last night. He's always done a superb job playing Jesse.
Breaking is the Best! Hurray for Aaron and Bryan! That role of Jesse is really taxing and takes some extraordinary talent--it is incredibly intense and takes immense versatility and endurance. I was so pleased he was acknowledged.

I saw the actor who plays Hank (the DEA brother-in-law) in a small role in another series. This makes me think he will be departing as a regular from the series. Since he is smart enough to figure out what is going on (if he hasn't already), and his existence compromises Walt's and Jesse's crimes, his departure seems inevitable if they are to continue their "enterprise." The only other alternative I see is their demise.

But, I will learn the truth in July, I guess.
Human Target, Dark Blue, Spartacus

All my shows were cancelled, and I'm scared to get attached to new shows, because they may be cancelled too. LOL
Did anyone else enjoy Memphis Beat?


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