I was rooting through some of my books and came across a few authors that I haven't heard from in a while, whatever happened to.......
Tom Kakonis, Gerald Petievich, A W Gray, Dannie R Martin, Jonathan Valin,

Did they stop writing, stop getting published?
I can think of a few authors who keep publishing the same book over and over again. Maybe these guys ran out of things to say and stopped?

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Jonathan Valin rings a bell.  Don't know the others.  Times are pretty tough for midlist authors.  Have you checked Amazon?

How would we know? LOL! Did you Google? I've never heard of them unless I forgot their names through the years.

Sometimes folks stop writing. *shrugging*

I used to read all Tom Kakonis books back in the day.  His protagonists were usually card players.  He was quite popular then.  Haven't heard anything about him in quite a few years.  Gerald Petievich, I think, is still writing.  I don't think he ever topped the super "To Live & Die in L.A."  The rest I don't know.

I really enjoyed his first five or six books - One Shot Deal, Shakedown, Earth Angels plus Live and Die.


I still have them in my loft - to be re-read at some point next year if I can get organised by then, 

I read something online about Tom Kakonis a few years ago, but I can't find it again. As I recall, his publisher messed with him or dropped him, and he stopped writing. I also dimly recall that he returned to writing under a pseudonym.

He wrote two excellent novels, MICHIGAN ROLL and DOUBLE DOWN, about a former college professor named Timothy Waverly, who killed his wife's divorce lawyer in a rage, did about ten years for manslaughter, and emerged a very different man who made his living as a professional gambler. I reread MICHIGAN ROLL not long ago, and it has held up.

I read these 2 Waverly books and thought they rocked.

I have his other 2 unread which I need to dig out and get to,


Shame he chucked it in, from this reader's perspective

Took the advice and googled as well as visiting Fantastic Fiction site,

Petievich hasn't had anything new out since 2003, but still has a website.

Kakonis apparently chucked it in after a disagreement with his publisher. He did have a couple of books out under a pseudonym Adam Barrow,

Valin - nothing new since 1997 I think.


Gerald Petievich still publishes, and self-publishes his catalog on ebook. Many of them affordable.


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