You know nothing about these five books other than that they are in the crime section. Based only on their titles, which one would you pick?

Depends on the Wind
Murder Boom
The Invisible Hand
Red Gold
Blood Prairie

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I like both DEPENDS ON THE WIND and THE INVISIBLE HAND.  Much depends on content here.

Thanks, IJ. Content and context aside, I'm just looking at titles right now. Want to make sure it can stand on its own since so much of rides on it.

Well, I think you would need to link to the title in the text.  But that can actually be done after the fact.  THE INVISIBLE HAND is eerier and possibly appeals more readily to someone looking for tension and danger.

It's a crime thriller, so that's good to hear. It doesn't bring to mind Adam Smith and The Wealth of Nations, does it?

Nah.  Why would it?  Hand implies weapon or manipulation.

I'm glad you think that. "The invisible hand" is a term Adam Smith coined for intangible economic forces in capitalistic markets. I think it's a good name for a crime novel, too.

Oh, in that case and if it links up to your content, it's brilliant.

Oh, and have the whole quote from A.S. at the beginning of thye novel.

You read my mind, that's in there right now. Along with another one about invisible empires from President Woodrow Wilson.

Yes, thought of old Adam right away, but then I've actually read that book.

The Invisible Hand has been a popular title.

My favorite, too.

Blood Prairie. Honestly, I wouldn't even pick up the other titles to read the blurbs. Too vague or odd.

Titles are hard!


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