Many people in the United States are outraged about recent attacks on women in other countries. I am, too. For example: Child bride kills groom, 3 others. On April 11, 2014, a 14-year-old girl in Nigeria, killed her 35-year-old husband and three of his friends by putting rat poison in their rice. The man was 24 years older than she was. She told police she did this because she was forced to marry a man she did not love. The girl has been charged with culpable homicide.

But as I point out in my blog post Why Hate Women ... women are raped, abused, murdered and treated like sex objects in America, too.

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Yay! Great going, Susan!  :)  That takes care of the whole Bible thing. I totally agree, whether you meant that God is male or that the "prophets" all were male. And mind you, the Bible describes an uncivilized society not much advanced from the cavemen.

And yes, religion is usually behind hatred for women.

I meant that the "Bible" was almost certainly written by men. Way back then, women had no voice. Even in Puritan NE churches, women were not allowed to speak.

Every religion that I know of at the very least tries to control women. That's what the rapes are about in India and the Middle East. But even in the U.S. (where i live)the Catholic Church and its clergy try to control women, especially their sexuality, no birth control, no abortions. Some of the Protestant sects aren't quite so bad, but the Southern Baptists are just as rigid as the Catholics.

I agree on that: Rape /and many other crimes, and not crimes/ can be about power over women, but on the other hand, it also can be about various of other reasons.  Therefor rape can not be all about power over woman, or man.

About enforcing: It just can not happened, especially in wartime.

About the temptation of Eve, i have not infer to it, in my posts.

About the whole bible "thing": Bible as many holy books, is a revision, and a selection of an older holy texts, which came from the folklore of many civilizations. Therefore it is impossible to point an and one author, nor sex.

What is rape about if it is not power over another human being, male or female?

You mean to say men's sex drive is so overwhelming they cannot resist? Are they animals?

Saying that we cannot enforce laws prohibiting rape is like saying we cannot enforce laws against genocide. That is not acceptable, either. What about nuclear bombs? Should we just allow any nutcase to use one? 

The Bible is written chapter and verse according to Luke, Mathew, etc, etc. ALL MEN.

Dear Susan, please note that i am not trying to define the rape. I merely point that there can be other reasons than hatred, and power over human being for that matter. 

What i mean, that in wartime there is no laws, because there is no force to impose them. The beastly nature of a human beings is unlocked in war, and you can see civilized people making terrible things, so yes. It is fair to call them animals. However enforcing laws can't work for many reasons in peace too. But we are about to enter into an international policy, which is a subject i would prefer not to discuss.

I see that under Bible you mean the New Testament. As i wrote before it is still a selection. The Gospel According to Mary of Magdala (Mary Magdalene) maid be an example, against all man authors. However it was probably omitted on some of the Ecumenical Councils.

I agree with Susan on all of her points.


I don't know where you picked up your ideas, Vulcan. Most of the civilized countries in the world do not condone rape even in war time. In fact, rape has never been condoned, and we have finally moved forward to the point that even in marriage rape is a criminal assault.

As for the Bible: yes, dubious background, but even in the Bible, men make all the decisions and all the prophets are male. More significant is the fact that subsequently the Christian faith was in the hands of male priests who discriminated against women in their teachings.

I gather the Koran is no better, and possibly worse. 

Hey Parker, i don't really think that i "pick up" my way of thinking, from somewhere. :)

 All countries are civilized, since they all have a constitution and laws, this is not an admission or idea. This is by definition. So you must define what do you mean by "civilized countries".

Susan do not talk about the laws of a particular country, she state that international human right laws have to be enforced. The problem came from that enforcing, law (or anything) over the local countries, and people, which already have their laws. That is why the conversation have to "move" in the field of international politics (my suggestion to skip that, and to change, the conversation to the far more pleasing, and on the subject /of this site/ theme "Some advices" :)

About all man authors of the Bible: It is probably the case that women's where not aloud to contribute in this book. This maid seems unfair, and probably is. However i do not see hatred in this actions.

Yes, but the bit about the Bible you have NOT addressed is the death of Jesus and thereafter is told BY WOMEN. Not men.  This is unusual to use women as 'reliable' witnesses in Biblical times. It went against the grain. However, the men stayed away to avoid persecution.  Thus it is we have at least 2 chapters that discuss the death of Christ both of which are told by women.  Although the writers are both men.

Actually not true.  Many areas of the Bible have been retold by women.  Multiple people have changed the text over history.  Rape is definitely about power.  It is also about dented egos.  As I addressed these issues elsewhere. I just wanted to say I agreed with that part of your analysis.  A rape victim read my novel and said I had not been voyeuristic, but sensitive  in my handling of the post-rape part of the novel.  I wanted to show it not merely as a physical issue but also as a severely psychological trauma. 

In all seriousness crimes of violence against women are sadly a daily occurrence. During 2004 I was sadly told of how troops were behaving in Iraq by a female colleague who had family there. It also occurs in UK and USA - not just in war torn areas like Iraq. You should talk to Eve Thomas on twitter and also refuge.  I have no idea why people focus on Muslims when domestic violence is prolific in the West.  It has been going on for years.  One of the reasons I tell the post-rape scene in my crime novel.  To show that sexual violence is not as many judges and police believe merely a physical assault. It has a very large dimension to it in what the amygdala stores.

In many Muslim societies women are significantly oppressed to this day. In Egypt, they are not allowed to drive. This business of covering them from head to toe is based on distrust for women, and possibly on the knowledge that men have been raised to follow their urges. In Afghanistan and Pakistan they are not allowed to go to school,. and if they disobey they are shot or hanged.  I could go on. In view of this, our local rapes pale.


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