I know this is a little off the topic, but does anyone know of a legitmate, honest work at home company?

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I have a friend who works from home doing medical transcription. It's legit. She does it in Canada, but there must be a company that does it near where you are.
Hi John,

Thanks for writing. Do you think there is any way I could get her email address so I could get more info about it? I have looked into this for some time now, but it's real hard to find the legit ones. I just don't want to get stung, ya know?
I did medical transcription from home to put myself through school. I know some hospitals outsource their dictation to in home transcribers, who transmit dictation through phone lines and internet connections. (In my days I had to drive in once every few days and pick up cassettes.) Of course, some are outsourcing to India as well.
Good Morning Cynthia,

Thank you for your reply. I have been searching for a work at home job for a while now and have found out about 99% of them are scams in one way or another. I know there are legit ones out there, but which ones in the question. Thanks for the info about outsourcing from hospitals.


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