WOW! Did anyone else catch opening epsode of "Life on Mars"

Last night we watched the opening episode of a series, originally from the BBC, on public television "Life on Mars." John Simm is brilliant, truly brilliant playing a detective who gets hit by a car and (is he in a coma or is it for real) ends up in 1973... I was breathless by the end. Whooping and hollering at how perfect the ending was. It was one of the most stunning TV dramas I have ever seen. I gather it won lots of awards and American producers tried to remake it here but it failed.
As I said, Wow! 

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How did I miss this. On ABC???
It was opposite something else you were probably watching. Probably on of the CSIs or one of the L&Os at ten o'clock.
The title followed by your post makes me realize that I would have been so baffled. The title I instantly imagined, was of an excellent science documentary! My second thought was that it might be a really good science fiction story. According to your post, I was very off base with that assumption.
Turns out it was a Science Fiction Story, but with a cop take on 1973.
Context is everything!


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