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What's a genre you simply cannot stand and hate to read and definitely wouldn't wanna write? One you might not like when it comes to movies and television as well.

For me it's Sci-fi and Fantasy. I've always hated anything Sci-fi whether it was a book, television show or movie. I just don't like Sci-fi or fantasy. There are some movie exceptions but I've never liked any of the Sci-fi or Fantasy books I've read.

Just not my thing. I hate things that deal with outer space, aliens, flying creatures, LOL. I love mythology though and things dealing with the Gods but that's as close to fantasy I can get. Anyway, what's your most hated genre?

Best Wishes!


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Romance, boring. Books about celebrities lives, garbage. Mysteries with pets, only the Scooby gang can successfully work with pets.
Generally speaking, young adult fiction has always seemed like weak tea to me, and the notion that "young adults" need somehow to be protected from certain kinds of language or situations strikes me as absurdly infantilizing. If they're "adults," then they can handle adult fiction. But YA is where the money is these days, evidently.
i'm another one who can't quite get into sci fi and fantasy. i'm also no great lover of 'chick lit'. i read 'bridget jones' diary' when it came out and that was enough for me. vampires don't do it for me either.

jon re YA - the term is probably something that keeps publishers and booksellers happy. i'm not sure it's about infantalising young people and protecting them but a recognition that the books discuss issues that are of interest to a particular age group.
Can I say sci-fi even though I've just finished a novella that is a crime book with some serious sci-fi elements? The kind of sci-fi I don't like is the space opera that takes place on a ship or a distant planet and includes aliens. The near-future stuff, though, that is essentially set in the present day but with a few twists on our world I do enjoy. And that's what I wrote.

But fantasy is something that I don't like much at all. I've never been able to get into it. And I've tried. I've tried very hard.
I don't like is the space opera that takes place on a ship or a distant planet and includes aliens.

Don't care for it myself---to read. But I wouldn't be quite honest if I didn't say that for years, my husband and I watched re-runs of Star Trek (the ones with Captain Picard) and loved them! Aliens and all. :)
Usually (emphasis on usually) anything written in the first person 
bores me to death. But I've found some excellent exceptions.  
Hm. I don't think everyone is like that.
If Lord of the rings counts as Fantasy that´s my Nr 1 on the hate-list. I remember buying the bloody brick-heavy book, dragging it home and then, with great expectations, starting to read it. After 10 pages, I found myself in an aggressive mood. Fantasy-nerds in my surroundings stated "Common Sanna, you have to read atleast 50 pages to be able to grasp the amazing plot!". After 50 pages, I wanted to hit someone, hard. Same nerds said "Oh, don´t give up, it takes atleast 100 pages to really get what it´s all about!" After 100 pages, murder wasn´t such a bad idea after all. Never read any books of theat kind ever again after that...
I am the complete opposite: that is one of my most favorite stories ever, in the history of the world! I am a major SF & F fan, and the first novel I wrote is also in that genre.

We have 2 choices. We can respectfully disagree, or we can disrespectfully disagree.
Well, it has a slow start, but it's a ripping story.
Well, we can't all of us like the same things, can we ! ;)
I am not a big fan of fantasy, but I did love "Lord of the Rings" ---having read it years ago when I was just out of college. Maybe the timing was right. And then again I've always loved mythology and folklore. It is also a saga---and I suppose many "fantasies" are. Those who love them revel in the creation of alternate worlds, mythical worlds. However, I wouldn't consider "Lord of the Rings" to be science fiction--it wasn't that kind of hybrid form. C.S. Lewis, a contemporary of Tolkien's, did combine both in some of his novels, however---but they are intended as allegories. BTW I have not seen any of the films. I don't want them to interfere with my own remembered images. :)
I saw one of them. It was very good, but I had let some decades pass between the reading and the watching.


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