In 2005, I published my only print novel, Northcoast Shakedown, a tale of sex, lies, and insurance fraud set in Cleveland. Now it's back as an ebook. To celebrate, I'm going to give away free copies in the format of your choice to the first ten people who respond to this event. Here's the catch. You have to agree to post a review of it (An honest one. Really.) on Amazon, Nook, or Smashwords (or even iBooks when Henry at Smashwords figures out why it makes Apple's epub converter spit out a Sad Mac.)

That's it.

The rest of you, it's all yours for $2.99!

You can get it at the following places:

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I am happy to take the opportunity to read your ebook 'Northcoast Shakedown' for free in exchange for giving a honest review of it on Amazon and notice that I'm within the TEN replies requested for this.  Is the 'e' missing from the title on the book cover?  I am a Kindle reader.




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