Jerry Peterson


Janesville, WI

United States

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I am a crime writer.
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The Dark Horse by Craig Johnson

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  • lee caleca

    Hey, Jerry.  Hendersonville is about 25 miles northeast of Nashville.  Known as the city by the lake.  I live out on one of the peninsulas that run into Old Hickory Lake.  The town's getting a little too populated for my taste, though.
  • Carol Bridgestock

    Hi Jerry,

    You know who to call if you ever need any police practice from across the pond :-) Kind regards,

    Carol & Bob

  • Carol Bridgestock

    Hi Jerry! How about a Kansas officer detains someone who is wanted in London or visa versa? Bob often had to extradite people from other countries and had to send officers for them? Or they could be a prisoner on the Isle of Wight! We have Parkhurst Prison on the Island! :-)