Terrence McCauley


Wassaic, NY

United States

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I am the winner of TruTV's 2008 Search for the Next Great Crime Writer Award. I am still an unpublished writer, but I am working very hard to change that. I write noir mysteries set in the 1930s and do everything I can to make sure my work does not fall into the same stereotypical pitfalls of the genre.
I Am A:
Reader, Writer
Books And Authors I Like:
Raymond Chandler, Nelson DeMille, James M. Cain, Ross MacDonald, Robert B. Parker, Donald Westlake (as Richard Stark), Stephen King, Budd Schulberg and my most recent favorite, David Goodis.
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
The Shield, Lost, Mad Men, documentaries and, God help me, the Real Housewives franchise.

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  • Karen Dionne

    "Winner of TruTV's 2008 Search for the Next Great Crime Writer" award - impressive!  Sounds like you've got what it takes. Hang with it, and good luck!

  • cj forrest

    Thanks for the invite, Terrence, and keep up the good work you’re doing with your writing.  Congrats.  cj

  • henya drescher

    Thanks Terrence...
  • Keta Diablo

    Thanks for connecting with me on Crime Space. I appreciate it.

    Have a great week, Keta

    Keta's Author Home

  • Ronald S. Barrios

    Hey, Terrence...checked out your blog, I'm feeling your style of writing. Chandler, MacDonald and Parker are among my favorites also. I look forward to reading your novel.

    Thanks for the invite to your page. Connecting is what it's all about.


  • Johnny Russell

    Sup T thanks for friending me.
  • Ava S

    Hi Terrence

    Thank you for the invite.

    Keep up the good work!


  • Suzanne

    Nice to meet you, Terence.
  • Brian L Porter

    Thanks for your friend ship Terrence. Please see my latest blog post and hope you don't mind me asking for your votes in the awards.


    Best regards



  • robert walker

    Hello Terrence and many thanks for the Follow-ship. My ship, Titanic, is sailing most assuredly at facebook and on Amazon.com; have been busy with ebook publishing,e tc.  Check this out - #1 in sales at  - http://ning.it/eb06ZF  Seems these days the only thing that "talks" is your sales numbers.

    Again thanks!

    Rob Walker

  • Mitzi Szereto

    Hey Terrence, love the chapeau!
  • Mitzi Szereto

    Not sure I want to know!
  • Brian L Porter

    Hi Terrence,

    Hope all is going well for you, and that your writing is proving productive.

    Please can I ask you  if you'd mind voting for me in the annual Preditors & Editors Readers Polls?  Requiem for the Ripper has been nominated as Best Thriller Novel and Glastonbury as Best Mystery Novel.

    To vote just go to the links below, tick the box next to the title and then go down and click on VOTE. You will receive an almost instant email with a confirming link to click on to verify your vote and once that's done, your vote is registered. It's really simple and I would appreciate any support I can get in this annual poll. If you could put the word round I'd be most grateful.

    Here are the direct links to the voting pages for both books.

    For Glastonbury, (Mystery)  


     And for Requiem for the Ripper (Thriller)


    Best regards and happy new year wishes to you.

  • Karyne

    Love the idea that you are writing in Noir without the stereotypical, thats a great way to go.  :-)
  • B.R.Stateham

    Terrance, a fellow crime writer, eh?  Good to meet you.
  • Cormac Brown



    Thanks for the invite and good luck with "Prohibition."