Robin Richmond

76, Male

Wigtown Dumfries and Galloway

United Kingdom

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Wigtown Scotland
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A bookdealer selling crime fiction and mysteries. I also read and collect crime fiction.Now also writing
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Reader, Writer
Books And Authors I Like:
E W Hornung
Robert Parker
Marcia Muller
Jonathan Gash

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  • Jennifer Wise

    Not yet.

    I'm in the process of doing the outline and research.

    It will take place in Canada, so I have to find out the procedures here compared to the US.

  • David Neilson

    Hi Robin,

    Many thanks for the friend request. Always meant to make it to Wigtown - just difficult from Glasgow by public transport. 

  • Kelly

    Thanks for the friend invite! In all honesty, can't think of any one author I follow as far as the cozies I've been reading, I wander into the "cozy" section of the bookstore and pick and choose. Been getting into a few supernatural mysteries, there's one...Juliet Blackwell, she writes the "Haunted Home Renovation" series which is fun and there was one I loved by Mary Stanton, the Angels series, but she stopped writing those. :/ I've discovered I enjoy cozies more because too many of the modern "mysteries" come out more like police procedurals. I like the Ellery Queen way of solving mysteries, as far as a reader goes, give me simple clues I have to look for, don't hit me with DNA or anything like that.