Copper Smith


Minneapolis, MN

United States

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New Orleans
About Me:

I write uncomfortably clever neo noir in courier font. Imagine a head-on collision between Raymond Chandler's '52 Buick and Chester Himes's '74 Cadillac.

My audio fiction podcast Uppercut Avenue features stories like this:
I Am A:
Reader, Writer
Books And Authors I Like:
Money Shot
by Christa Faust

The Long Goodbye
Raymond Chandler

by Paul Auster

Yellow Medicine
by Anthony Neil Smith

Lush Life
by Richard Price
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
I like Scorsese films, blaxploitation and cockney accented heist movies.

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  • Nancie Clare

    Hi Copper,

    thank you for the invite!

    Nancie Clare

    Noir Magazine

  • Cher

    Hey Copper,

    It's "game on" this Friday, March 8, with "We Can't Dance Together." I moved it to Tales to Terrify in order to air it sooner and because the story scares the crap out of me. is where you can find it. We will mention your available books. I hope you'll tell your friends to listen, and I hope this exposure will sell some books for you.

    Cher Eaves, Editor

    Crime City Central &

    Tales to Terrify


  • Matt Sanborn