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Crime writer and occasionally other dark matters. No matter how dark, serious or grungy never forget to make a reader smile every now and then.

If you have difficulty seeing my website (www.darrrenlaws.co.uk) go to www.cnpublishing.co.uk to read chapters from my first two novels
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Reader, Writer, Publisher
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Chuck Pallahniuk, Peter Hoeg, Harlan Coben, Lee Child, Stel Pavlou, Henning Mankell, Stephen King, Thomas Harris and many, many more
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CSI, Criminal Minds, Touching Evil,

Too many films to mention but anything by David Fincher, The Coen Brothers, Ridley Scott and Spielberg on a good day. Love dark Sci-Fi

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  • Leigh Lundin

    Janet Hutchings of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine is very open to British mysteries and crime stories. We love 'em.
  • Leigh Lundin

    Regarding MySpace and FaceBook, they were originally started for children and students. I don't think either are an appropriate venue for adult males. The television programme To Catch a Predator uses them to troll for sexual deviants.
  • Sue Dawson

    I avoid MySpace and FaceBook because I try to keep the scammers at bay.I just finished TEASER, a new novel about child porn on the Net. The author has been a journalist for 20 years, and TEASER rings true--scary stuff. Having taught high school English for several years back in the Dark Ages, I remember how teens were always searching for acceptance (still are)--sometimes in all the wrong places. Kids are still too trusting, and parents nowdays are frazzled with worry about keeping their homes and jobs.