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Breckenridge, CO
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Bestselling author Beth Groundwater writes two mystery series, the Claire Hanover gift basket designer series and the Rocky Mountain Outdoor Adventures series starring whitewater river ranger Mandy Tanner. The first book in her Claire Hanover series, A REAL BASKET CASE, was released in hardcover in 2007 and re-released in trade paperback and ebook in November, 2011. The book garnered good reviews from national reviewers and was nominated for the 2007 Best First Novel Agatha Award. The second book in the series, TO HELL IN A HANDBASKET, was released in hardcover in 2009, also to good reviews, and was re-released in trade paperback and ebook in November, 2012. A BASKET OF TROUBLE, the third book in the series, was released in November, 2013.

DEADLY CURRENTS, the first book in Beth's Rocky Mountain Outdoor Adventures series starring whitewater river ranger Mandy Tanner, was released in trade paperback and ebook in March, 2011 with good reviews from Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, and Mystery Scene, among other reviewers. The Kindle format was a bestseller on Amazon. The second book in the series, WICKED EDDIES, was released in May, 2012 and was a finalist for The Rocky Award, for best mystery set in western North America. The third, FATAL DESCENT, was released in June, 2013.

Beth was an avid "river rat" in the 1980s, running whitewater rivers in the eastern US, and enjoyed reacquainting herself with that subculture while researching this series. In June, 2011, she was the parade VIP for the First in Boating on the Arkansas River (FIBArk) whitewater festival in Salida, Colorado, which is featured in DEADLY CURRENTS. Beth lives in Colorado and enjoys its many outdoor activities, including skiing and whitewater rafting.

Beth's science fiction novella, THE EPSILON ERIDANI ALTERNATIVE, was released in ebook and paperback in 2009. Also, she has published nine short stories, many multiple times in various formats, including audio. She enjoys meeting with book clubs in person or via Skype or speakerphone to discuss her books. Visit her website at and her blog at for more information or to arrange a visit.
I Am A:
Reader, Writer
Books And Authors I Like:
I read a wide variety of books. I'm in a Book Club that meets monthly to discuss literary and women's fiction. Some of my favorite reads from that group were The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant, Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult, The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri, Bel Canto by Ann Patchett, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I read a lot of mysteries, of course. Some of my favorite authors are Western writers who I've gotten to know at conferences: C.J Box, Kathy Brandt, Christine Goff, Maggie Sefton, and Margaret Coel. I also enjoy light-hearted series by Alexander McCall Smith, Donna Andrews, and Tim Cockey. My all-time favorite mystery writer is Sharyn McCrumb, and I'm collecting all her books. I read romance and science fiction occasionally and have enjoyed Diana Gabaldon, J.D. Robb, Anne McCaffrey and Douglas Adams.
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
The Amazing Race, Downton Abbey

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  • Joyce Yarrow

    Hi Beth - I'll definitely check out your blog - which sounds wonderful! I'm just getting started on mine, which will be devoted to discussing "The Place of Place" in writing.
  • Susan Schreyer

    Hi Beth! so much fun to see familiar faces "out of the Pool," so to speak!
  • Jim Thomsen

    Hi, Beth ... happy to know you. You certainly are quite the ubiquitous online presence (which is very good)! I see we're connected on Goodreads as well.
  • cj forrest

    I was wondering if the Crimescenewriter group you suggested to me has any special requirements to join. They didn’t want me. I feel so “high school-playground” rejected. I need an outlet that will answer my technical questions about crime and procedure, and I’m not sure that Crimespace is the right place for it. When I tried to join Crimescenewriter, I didn’t give them any personal background. I just told them that I was writing and illustrating a graphic novel. Maybe that was my problem. What would you suggest?
  • cj forrest

    Thanks again, Beth.
  • Giovanni Gelati

    Thanks for adding me. I haven't heard from you in a while. I have been watching your progress though.Continued success.
  • Giovanni Gelati

    My pleasure, I would have done it sooner if I knew this place existed, I am glad I found it though.
  • Donna Ennis

    Hi Beth
    Thank you for your friendship. I'll have a lot of fun here finding out about others and reading your profile. Hope to speak to you soon
  • Bonnie Pond

    Hi Beth,

    So glad to be part of this group. I'll definitely add your books to my reading list. So many books, so little time. . .

    By the way, congratulations on signing a new book contract. Awesome!
  • Donna Ennis

    Hi Beth

    I've signed up for your newsletter, Thank you for the invite. I've had a look at your website and would love to read your work, it sounds very exciting. Here's hoping I win this months' competition. Am I able to buy your books in the UK?
  • Siobhan C Cunningham

    thank you Beth, welcome... :-)
  • Lesann Berry

    Thanks for the welcome, Beth.
  • Janet Benrey

    Good to see you here, Beth. Wow - lots of familiar names.

  • Patricia Rockwell

    Hi, Beth,
    Now we're friends here and on GoodReads. I'm glad you reminded me of your work as I had "To Hell in a Handbasket" on my "to-read" list for a while, so I'm heading over to Amazon and getting my copy now before I forget again! I'd appreciate any advice you can give this novice cozy writer.
  • Henry R Thompson

    Hello Beth:
    I hadn't checked in here in awhile, I just looked at your Nanowrimo page, It would appear you have already left me in the dust. I added you there as well. You have thrown out the Gauntlet, and never to pass up an opportunity I will try and catch up You have set the pace. All the best my friend, I wish you well, please keep me informed as to your work, I envy you your location. You live in a paradise by the photos of the area that I have seen. If I can ever help you with information about things here in the Southwest do not hesitate to ask.
    Henry (Russ)
  • Henry R Thompson

    Not to worry, I have yet to start today's session, I have been wincing over the political events of today, and just now completed a 1500 word summation of my opinion of the whole process, Meh! Perhaps by the time the Sun rises I will be caught back up. If not, if you look in your computers rear view mirror, you will see my laptop in hot pursuit. Have a nice evening
  • Robert Christopher

    You are quite welcome! :)
  • Annie Dog

    Oh jeez. Here I am thinking it is so much easier to talk to people online than face to face, you friend me and I'm so excited I can't think of a single thing to say.

    HI! *waves like a loon*

    Yea. So much for my graces. I look forward to your new book- I think I actually have read a couple of your books. Normally I'm terrible at remembering books+author but yours stuck with me!
  • Susan Sitze

    Thank you for the welcome Beth! Looking forward to getting to know everyone here.
  • Vincent Zandri

    right on Beth, will do!
  • Margy Rydzynski

    Absolutely! Remind me in March and I'll get myself a copy.
  • Deborah Harter Williams

    Will definitely give them a try.  I went to DU so I still think of myself as a Colorado girl.  I'm impressed with your website.  Are you going to Left Coast Crime?
  • Dorte

    Hi Beth,

    I have signed up for the newsletter and added your books to my list.

    I am still trying to figure out how to use CrimeSpace and similar social media as I just published a short collection of flash fiction stories (nothing much, but I try to use this collection to get some experience about publising - and marketing books).

    I am not sure Crimespace is as good a tool as e.g. Facebook and my own blog so I wonder what you think?


    Best wishes, Dorte

  • Isabelle Clark

    Hello Beth - delighted to call you friend.  Your picture shows a young and beautiful person, considerably younger than me.  But that does not mean we can't be friends.  Still fumbling around on this site.  Trying to learn how to get my photo transferred.  Reading quickly through some comments shown below, I know that you have been published.  How does your work get distributed?  Isabelle
  • Cindy Hutcheson

    I'd love to be your friend!  I'm new to this site, so you're my first friend!
  • Becca

    Thanks for the add! :)
  • Kathy

    Hi Beth~

    I'm going to check out your blog!


  • Laura McNaughton

    Hi Beth,


    Thanks for the friend request.  I have just started thinking about writing again so will be grateful to have an experienced, published author as a resource.

  • Donna White Glaser

    Hi Beth! Good to find you here!


  • marta chausee

    Thank you for your welcome, Beth!  I look forward to getting to know you better.

    Marta Chausée

    Resort to Murder

  • Marie T johnston

    Beth, thanks for the friend request.  I read your biography and your books sound very interesting.  Will have to check them out. I am not a writer.  I have a personal long-time friend, Dick C Waters, who invited me to join Crimespace.  I do preliminary proofing and editing of his books. You might want to check out his biography.  He just had his first book, Serial Separation published.

  • Robin Booth

    Hi Beth..thanks for the friend request!..Robin

  • Shawn Weisser

    Hi Beth. Yes, I am in Williamsburg, VA. It is my location, but not my hometown. We just moved here in August. How long has it been since you were here?

  • michael draper

    Hi Beth,

    Thanks for the 'friend' hope we can have some good ideas about crime and writing.

    My first novel, "Splattered Blood" is just coming out tomorrow. Yeah!

    Good luck with your book. Maybe one day we can be on a platform of new writers.


  • Peggy McCants

    Thanks, Beth for adding me -- I'm a reader and itty-bitty bit of a writer -- my writing only reaches a local circle where we share prose or poetry that we are beginning, refining or finishing.

    Your novels sound interesting -- I will look for you in my local indie (the best & only kind) bookstore.

    Hope you have a great 2012!

    Again, thanks.


  • Peggy McCants

    Hi, and Thank You back to you!

    Your newsletter sounds like fun and the info on it will be from an original source -- you!!!

  • Peggy McCants

    Hi, Beth - Thanks for following up with procrastinator-me... I just now signed-up, and have traveled back here to let you know. 

    Looking forward to my first read of it!



  • Sandra Bradstreet

    Hi, Beth!

    Thank you for the friend request! I added you and look forward to friendship! :)

  • Sandra Bradstreet

    Also you are my FIRST friend in here and I am very excited about your wonderful work! :)

  • Sandra Bradstreet

    Absolutely! And THANK YOU!

  • Christine Wood

    Hi, Beth: thanks for your request. It made me feel instantly welcome! I do certainly recognise you from BOOKED. Best wishes.
  • Renee Pawlish

    Nice to meet you, fellow Coloradan

  • Danise Wallace Gurule

    Yes, That would be great Beth. 

  • Alice McCrory

    Hi Beth,

    Thank you!  That would be fine!  Also, thank you for the recommendation.  I'll check it out.

  • Alice McCrory

    Looking forward to getting to know you and your work.

  • William Wilde

    Thanks for the add, Beth.

  • anne argers

    I would give one or two of such novels a read.  Always open to trying books that don't seem to be my usual first choices.  As an idea of what I prefer, my two most recent mysteries were The Geneva Trap by Stella Rimington and Blood Line by Lynda LaPlante.  Both are latest installlments in series and both were well written.  Now I'm into The Bookseller by Mark Pryor.  While I have some misgivings about the plot,. the descriptions of Paris are so authentic that I would recommend the book just on its compelling sense of place.

  • Paul Raffaelli

    Hi Beth,

    Crime Fiction is my niche. Kimberley Chambers is my current read. Yourself?


  • David Lubeski

    Hi Beth:

    Yes, except for his most recent, I've read everything Grisham has ever written. I would like to read your Deadly Currents. I'll be looking for it at the book store.


  • Vixen Black

    Hi ! Beth and thanks for welcoming me :-)