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Belfast, Ireland
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Published crime writer of six crime books, and a best-selling and award-winning memoir, On The Brinks, acquired by Warner Brothers. Totally addicted to American comic books from the sixties to early seventies. They got me into and out of a lot of trouble in my life. Read On The Brinks to discover why!
I Am A:
Reader, Writer, Critic
Books And Authors I Like:
Cormac McCarthy, James Lee Burke, Elmore Leonard, Walter Mackin
Boy's Life by Robert McCammon, Nelson DeMille, Ken Bruen, Declan Burke, John Kennedy (political cartoonist)

DC comics for showing me how to escape, and Marvel Comics on how to escape better. Neal Adams, the undisputed master of tormented and psychotic superheroes; Stan Lee, a teller of tales taller that his tremendous talent; Steve Ditko, the hypnotically true creator of Spiderman (sorry Stan); Jim Steranko’s erotic and hallucinogenic Zap Art surrealism on Nick Fury, et al; and never forgetting the legendary Jack ‘King’ Kirby the major innovator and most influential creator in the comic-book medium for his cosmic purview and bigger-than-life rendering of the FF and Silver Surfer, and the rest of the marvellous Marvel gang. A special nod goes to Superman’s nemesis, the mischievous and totally irrelevant Mr. Mxyzptlk (try saying that backwards with a few pints of Guinness in you!).
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
Father Ted
The Wire
Once Upon a Time in America
Glengarry Glen Ross
Shawshank Redemption
On The Brinks (well, soon, I hope)
I Love Lucy (I truly do)
The Departed

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  • christophe bender

    Hi Sam,
    I'm fine in spite of the very, very cold weather...Guess it's the same in Ireland? By the way, I just finished anonther irish novel. Hidden River by Adrian MacKinty. Great...
  • christophe bender

    Hi Sam,

    Which book will be next translated into french? How long will we wait?

  • Ian Ayris

    Pleasure, mate.


    All the best,