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I'm an ex British police officer who writes crime fiction and non-fiction and spends most of every day struggling for that so far elusive publishing deal...
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Most of them! Richard Morgan, Peter James, Matt Hilton, Christopher Brookmyre, Joe Abercrombie, George R R Martin and oodles more...

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  • Noir Nation

    Hi Paul,


    I'm the European editor for Noir Nation, and I would love to get some more stories from the UK for Issue 2  (Issue 1 will be available Sept 1, 2011).  Looking for short stories and graphic stories (comics).  Maybe you have some, and could also help spread the word?  We start reading for issue 2 on Oct 1.


    Thank you,

  • Noir Nation

    Hi Paul,

    Great news. The Noir Nation website is now up and there are submission guidelines for stories, essays and graphic stories there. Also would love to have a comment from you!


    Thank you,

  • Cher

    Hi Paul, I love the work you've done in "Fingerprints." I'm Cher, the assistant editor of a new crime fiction podcast, , looking for new authors and stories. We seek short stories, 3000 - 10,000 words (loose guideline), prefer published, but self-pub, ePub and indie pub all counts. Our show is free, so we can't pay for stories. We do have exceptionl narrators who will make your story magical. Have a listen via iTunes or Stitcher and give it some thought. I do hope to hear from you.