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Greater London, England
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Mitzi Szereto is an author and anthology editor of multi-genre fiction and non-fiction. She has her own blog Errant Ramblings: Mitzi Szereto’s Weblog, and is the creator/presenter of the Web TV channel Mitzi TV, which covers the “quirky” side of London, England. Her books include Florida Gothic; Oysters and Pearls: Collected Stories; Rotten Peaches (The Thelonious T. Bear Chronicles) and Normal for Norfolk (The Thelonious T. Bear Chronicles) - the cosy mystery series co-written with celebrity author bear Teddy Tedaloo; The Wilde Passions of Dorian Gray; Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts; Getting Even: Revenge Stories and Dying for It: Tales of Sex and Death. I'm currently hiding out in the Pacific Northwest.

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Writer, Editor
Books And Authors I Like:
"The God of Small Things" - Arundhati Roy
"Lolita" - Vladimar Nabokov
"Sputnik Sweetheart" by Haruki Murakami

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  • Craig McDonald

    Thank you so much for the invite, Mitzi...
  • Donna Moore

    Hi Mitzi - thanks for the invite. Nice list of favourite films!
  • Declan Burke

    Hi Mitzi - Much obliged for the invite, I appreciate it. I see you've taught erotic fiction in the Greek islands ... I've just found my ideal holiday! It wasn't on the south coast of Crete, by any chance? Cheers, Dec
  • helen black

    Just noticed your pen name was Valentine which is the last name of my MC - Lilly Valentine.
    Have got to work that in somehow - how could I resisit?
    HB x
  • Mitzi Szereto

    LOL! Well, I got it off Shirley Valentine. Is that even weirder yet??? x
  • Neil White

    Thanks for the invite. It sounds like your book research has been a lot more interesting than mine!!
  • Neil White

    I've got three dismembered corpses under my patio. Say no more.
  • Neil White

    But still ......
  • A F Waddell

    Hi Miz Mitzi . . . groovy to see you in the neighborhood!
  • Neil White

    But still sounds more fun as research. Although I do like reading grisly accounts of murders, etc.
  • A F Waddell

    Either that or you have a clone . . .
  • Neil White

    Repressed northerner who has so far avoided, out of embarrassment, writing a "vivid" love scene and likely to to remain that way. I'd never be able to go into work again.
  • Mary Saums

    Hi, Mitzi - Another Shirley Valentine fan! Nice to see you here.
  • Mitzi Szereto

    LOL, yeah - and that 'Greek' fella and his 'fock'.
  • joe miller

    Hi Mitzi,
    Little Charlie is one of the many affections that I discovered running Blues & Jazz clubs in Atlanta. I've written for years, but started a Romance Suspense story last year which is my first serious project. Any advice for a rookie.

  • joe miller

    That sounds like my dance move...LOL

    Take care
  • L.J. Sellers

    I'm starting to think you might enjoy my novel.
  • Mitzi Szereto

    Why's that? I tend to shy away from sexy literature LOL!
  • Alison Bruce

    Hi Mitzi,

    I think you may cause a few ripples in the repressed bit of our wonderful country - go girl!

    Alison x
  • Mitzi Szereto

    LOL! Nah, they love me over here. I am so legitimate I've even been on the BBC's Asian Network twice! And I'm not even Asian! x
  • Jon McGoran as D. H. Dublin

    Hey Mitzi,
    Thanks for the invite, and for giving me an excuse to spend some time over here on Crimespace.
  • Earl Merkel

    Hi, Mitzi-- many thanks for inviting me over.

    --Earl Merkel
  • D K Gaston

    Thanks for the invite Mitzi, always glad to make a new friend.

  • carole gill

    and erotic fairy tales, is that cool or what?
  • Naomi Hirahara

    Getting even sounds fascinating!
  • carole gill

    I'm going to get a copy!
    and I'll tell you to reconfirm what I already suspect to be true.
    you can spot cool a mile off sometimes!
  • carole gill

    ooh! I say!
    too much fondness for taste makes me too substantial (girth wise)!
    but thanks!
  • Karen from AustCrime

    Hi Mitzi - thanks for the friend invite - you've definitely got some memorable book titles there :)
  • Patricia Gulley

    Hey, Mitzi, thanks for the invite.
  • Rhys Bowen

    Thanks for inviting me, Mitzi.
    I'm always glad to make contact with fellow Brits, even though I live in darkest California these days!
  • Charlotte Williamson

    Thanks for inviting me to be your Crimespace friend. I love London. It is such a fascinating city. And Big! So much to see and do. The flora in the Summertime is awesome. I want to go back one of these days. I love watching the British mystery series on American television. Especially Inspector Lynnly, the 8th Earl of Aston. (His television personna)
    Charlotte Williamson
  • Thomas O'Callaghan

    Hello der! How be da bare? ~ thomas
  • Charlotte Williamson

    Yeah, the exchange rate was pretty bad when we were over there.
    You bio is very impressive. I can only hope to garner a very small amount of the achievements that you have. I got a start on writing late in life. (It was "okay, I'm retired, bored and what can I do now.") My youth was spent busily rearing a husband and two children. I didn't get career-oriented until my early forties, when I became a Deputy Sheriff (Of course, I was still fit-as-a-fiddle and had energy to burn)
  • Charlotte Williamson

    I've got a lot to say. I just hope I'm around for another 30 years or so, so I can write about it. It's a good thing most writer's areen't in it to make money. It's just the fun of it. Of course, getting paid for what you write is a bonus. I'm tryingto get your BBC podcast.
  • Mitzi Szereto

    I know - there's never enough time! Or money! :-(
  • Anne Brooke

    Thanks for the add, Mitzi - good to meet you here as well.

  • robert walker

    Hello Mitzi, got a "cryptic" message that you and I ought to be linked here, and I'm all for it. I enjoyed touring your site on Crimepreeeee. Just put up a new blog at my site on "Yeah, but is it Publishable?"
    Rob Walker
  • Austin S. Camacho

    Thanks for the add, Mitzi. I admit I'm not familiar with your work but, as it turns out, my wife is! Hmmmm...
  • J.R. Lindermuth

    Nice meeting you, Mitzi.
  • Liam

    You've a great name there, Mitzi. Pleasure to add you among the chosen few.
  • Wilfred Bereswill

    Thanks for the add, Mitzi
  • Angela

    Thanks to a comment of yours, I realized that I had been commenting to myself as well!
  • J. Michael Jenne

    Dear Mitzi,

    In searching my family origins, I've gone back to 1584 Scrooby England, and 1066, " The Battle Of Hastings." I tried to hit your web site but couldn't connect. If you Email me direct, I have some information that might interest you.


    J. Michael Jenne

    It's very nice to meet you Mitzi. I hope we shall become good friends. Take care...Jillian

    Hi Mitzi. You had a rough weekend too huh? Just remember that...THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Have a great week...Hugz...Jillian
  • Laura L. Cooper

    Thanks for the friend invite. Sorry for the late reply. Interesting page, and I especially like the cover of GETTING EVEN.
  • Cormac Brown

    Thank you for accepting my invite and Happy New Year!
  • Miriam Pia


    I know it has been a long time, but thank you. I have just started a writing contract for a man who lives there in London....and you know I am one of the Writers Bureau writers.

    Your projects seem impressive to me. Last week, two more outlets for my second novel have emerged but neither is the rather more obvious - many copies mailed out to publishers. I have no idea why not. I don't know if there is any connection with my handedness issue and having difficulty with something that is supposed to be easy or what.

    How was your BBC thing?

    Thanks so much,
    Miriam Pia
    author/ess of: An Adventure in Indianapolis
  • Copper Smith

    You've been busy. Thanks for the friendship.
  • Henry R Thompson

    Sorry, I thought you had it spelled different on your face book page. My mistake, sri.