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Started writing when I was twelve, and reading mystery books way before that. Am a Christian, and a part time missionary. I travel a lot and get to meet different people.
I write different genres from mystery to romance, teenage and novels. Am waiting on the release date for my second book.
I Am A:
Reader, Writer
Books And Authors I Like:
Enid Blyton - Especially mystery - and everything else she wrote
Margaret Weiss / Tracy Hickman - Time of the Twins, Test of the twins / War of the twins
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
Animax / Castle / Bones /

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  • Kate the Book Buff

    Hello and welcome! I just wanted to introduce myself, and my blog, The Book Buff: Book Reviews for Regular People. Check it out at

    It can be a bit overwhelming around here at first, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

    -Kate the Book Buff
  • B.R.Stateham

    Kyra, glad we met. You'll like this place if you haven't discovered that already,
  • Richard Godwin

    Nice to meet you too Kyra.