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I am the author of more than 70 published novels and novellas, and almost 900 published stories in various genres and sub-genres. My best works are private-eye mysteries under my own name mysteries set in various historical periods. New issues and reprints will be out shortly from Pageturneditions.com

As all writers, I am also a reader.

This updated on 9-8-2011
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Reader, Writer
http://Jackbludis.com But crimespace tells you what you need.
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Chandler, Hammett, Ed McBain, Hemingway, Faulkner, Joyce, James Lee Burke, Cormac McCarthy; the Moe Prager series and the latest two Robert B. Parker's by Reed Farrel Coleman, and Richard Helms (the novelist not the spy), Laura Lippman, Vicki Hendricks, Megan Abbot--and indispensable for a writer, "Strunk and White's, The Elements of Style." And how did I forget Will Shakespeare the first time around? Him too. And may I also add Steig Larsson of "The Girl who ..." Series, may he rest in peace.
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
The Big Bang Theory, Casablanca, Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, Murder My Sweet, the Godfather I, Chinatown, LA Confidential. I never tire of seeing and dissecting Casablanca.

Saturday Night Live--although I don't get all the humor anymore, it's an age thing. This show for 40 years has kept up with what 20-somethings are laughing at. It has also turned out some damn good actors as well as comedians. The constant reruns are a drag because topical material out of date is stale.

Favorite Networks AMC, TCM, TNT, and USA.

Letterman, yes. Leno, no. The Daily Show, and some things on the History Channels (The first time I see them.)

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  • Ryan Jackson

    lmao! Yeah I like a lot of movies, but that's not even close to how many I've actually seen.
  • Ryan Jackson

    Reading through it I see there's a lot of stuff on there that I wouldn't consider a "favorite" of mine. lol I just transferred over the films from my facebook account, and apparently anything that I "like" on there is automatically added to the list. That's good to know. That'll teach me not to copy paste stuff. I've scaled it down some.
  • Joyce Ann Fugit

    Always happy to share. Thanks for the friend request. If I had time now, I would send you the amusing sentence from The Maltese Falcon where Hammitt artfully avoided using the MF phrase (I think it was), because such things weren't done then. It really stood out when I read the book recently. I may have posted it around here once during some previous heated exchange.