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Canada ("Canada? I don't even know what street Canada's on." -- Al Capone
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Award-winning thriller author of A Perfect Grave, Every Fear, The Dying Hour, Be Mine, No Way Back, Blood of Others, Cold Fear, If Angels Fall and SIX SECONDS, to be released early in 2009.
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Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
In Cold Blood, Crime & Punishment, As I Lay Dying, Homicide (David Simon) Close Pursuit, Carsten Stroud.
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Them! Homicide and The Exorcist

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  • Donna Carrick

    Wow, Rick, I read Six Seconds during March Break and was VERY impressed. Great story by a great writer!! Congrats on the bestselling status, and I'm now looking forward to your next! Donna
  • Jean Henry Mead

    Hi, Rick,

    The best of my Mysterioius People blog interviews and articles are going to be published by a small press and I need your permission to include yours in the book. Please email me at Seniorsleuth@aol.com.

    Thank you,
  • Hilary MacLeod

    Hi Rick. I just got your friend request of March 16, 2008! I had completely forgotten I was on this site -- in the flurry of finishing and publishing my novel, "Revenge of theLobster Lover." It'll be released in a couple of weeks.