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United Kingdom

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About Me:
I have written horror and have eight books out.
After my husband suddenly died, I underwent the biggest change of my life
I had been through so much horror, I no longer wished to write it
Hence, I am writing a thriller.
I Am A:
Reader, Writer
Books And Authors I Like:
A wide variety from Raymond Chandler to Anne Rice, to Susan Hill and Poe.
Quite a wide range, don't you think?
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
Most classic sci fi films and some t.v.
latecomer to True Blood
I prefer though, Interview with A Vampire.

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  • Cathryn Grant

    Hi, I saw that you're a bit of renegade ... I don't know much about Sci Fi, but I can definitely see a connection to horror!
  • Cammy May Hunnicutt

    Well let me recommend "Crime Spree" to you.   It's an very unusual film, similar to Guy Ritchie's London things, but involves French gangsters coming to the US to steal something.   Gerard Depardieu, Harvey Keitel,   Abe Vigoda... and a lot of French actors, including singing stars Johnny Hallyday and Renau, both hilarious.

    It's an unsung gem.

  • William Cook

    Hiya Carole - funny I know but i've been on here for quite a while now and have neglected my profile etc. Scrolling through the member page I saw your name so had to friend request. What would be the best thing about this site in your opinion?

    Will :)