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Chicago and Charleston

United States

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Charleston, WV and Chicago, IL
About Me:
I published my firsrt novel in 1979 and have publsihed a novel or two every year since. I write suspense, mystery, thrillers, horror, Young Adult, and historical fiction, short stories, E-books, and articles. I grew up in Chicago from age four, born in Corinth, Mississippi, mother from Tuskeegee, Alabama. My wife, Miranda, is an RN and a writer as well. We care for four children and live now in Charleston, West Virginia and spend as much time as we can in Chicago.
I Am A:
Writer, Editor
Books And Authors I Like:
Too many to list but big fan of the classics, Martin Cruz Smith, J.A. Konrath, Marcus Sakey, Shane Gericke, Tess Gerritsen, Jeffrey Deaver, John Sanford, Johnathan Kellerman, Tom Keever, Barb D'amato, and many more.
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
House, Chuck, The Shield, reruns of Homicide, The Wire, Soppranos, Grey's Anatomy, ER, Boston Legal, the new show Sara Connor Chronicles (Terminator). and as for films Aien series, Terminator series, Die Hard series, any Comics Hero series, as well as Tootsie, Being John Malchovich, 3:10 to Yuma, The Wild Bunch, anything by Larry McMurty, currently Comanche Moon.

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  • lovelylj

    Thank you very much for the compliment. I haven't been visiting fb as much lately. Twitter is faster and easier to take myself away from it when I'm supposed to be writing ;). @lovelylj I already follow you.

    How are you?
  • Mosi Tyrone Wells

    Hey Robert I know this is premature because you don't know me but How can I get a review from you on my novel SOLITAIRE MONGOOSE?
  • Ronald S. Barrios

    we actually were connected on Facebook but I got virus and had to delete everyone and start again...very annoying...