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Pine Bluff, Arkansas ...
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. But I live in south-central Mississippi. Still have a growing hankering to go back across the River to Arkansas one of these days.

I'm just a more-or-less traditional Southern boy, I like to hunt, fish, and practice the shooting sports, when time permits (not often, as I teach physics & math in high school), and I write whenever I can. Crime fiction, of course, but I've also tried my hand at a few other things. I recently had a story published in Crime & Suspense Ezine,(, which was, in fact, my first publication anywhere. (Still pumped over that.)

Happily married for nigh onto thirty-three years, now (this November), with two grown young'uns and three of the finest-looking little grandkids you'll ever see (Landon, 9, and Lauren, 6, and Kaitlyn, 7 months).

That's about all I've got to say about that.
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Reader, Writer
Books And Authors I Like:
I read anything by James Lee Burke, James Patterson, and Michael Connelly just on their names, though I'll confess each of them has - on occasion - fallen short of his best.

I like some of the old classics - Earl Stanley Gardner, Mickey Spillane, Dashiell Hammett; and I'm exploring some of the current crop of excellent writers - Tess Gerritsen, Kathy Reichs, are two relatively new in my list, and I've just discovered Lisa Gardner. Excellent.

I also have a deep love for stories of the Old West (both the real thing, in fiction and nonfiction, and the Hollywood version), but that's a bit off-topic for this forum, I expect.

Sprinkle in a significant interest in the Middle Ages, particularly Scottish-Irish-English history of that time, Christian history & theology, physics and cosmology, and that's pretty much me.

(Oh, there's more, but without doubt,you're heartily sick of me if you've read this far.)
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
TV: "CSI Miami" (LOVE the magical DNA equipment, which takes a little vial, spins it in a centrifuge, then spits out a full profile of the killer, complete with address, phone, and social security numbers. Yes, yes, I know DNA forensics is real, but methinks they take a few shortcuts on the show; good fun, anyhow).

"Criminal Minds;" and who COULDN'T love the "Law and Order" franchise in its three incarnations (original, CI, SVU)?

Beyond these, I watch a lot of the History Channel, Discovery Channel, etc.

NO so-called reality shows ;-)

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  • Tony Burton

    Hey Larry, thanks for dropping by my CrimeSpace page. Glad you came and joined up!
  • CT

    Just dropped by to say Hi from Melbourne, Australia.
  • Larry W. Chavis

    Thanks for stopping in, Tony, CT.
  • Morgan Mandel

    Hi Larry,
    My husband's a fishing guy too, mostly on vacation. That's when I head out to the casino and slot machines.
    Morgan Mandel
  • RJ

    Thanks for friending! It's wonderful to see someone else use the term 'young'uns' :-) Congrat's on being published in Crime & Suspense Ezine! And a special contratulations on your 30 years of marriage, that is wonderful! Have a great Holiday weekend.
  • Dennis Leppanen

    Hi Larry,

    Sorry for butting in here, Hi Tony...Hi Morgan. Hey RJ. If you like Elmore Leonard, try Loren D. Estleman on for size. In both westerns and hard-boiled crime. I happened upon him last fall, and I'm devourering his many offerings in both genres'--his Detroit Series are tops.
  • Larry W. Chavis

    Thanks for the heads-up on Estleman, Dennis. I've just been to Amazon to pick up a copy of *The Master Executioner,* and give him a try. Thanks.
  • Patti McCoy Jacob

    Hi Larry -

    Before I read Leonard, my husband did and he loved his westerns. He especially enjoyed Apache, and said it was one of the few Leonard movies that transferred over well to the big screen. It was filmed in Tucson, and interestingly enough, I used to work with Elmore's son Chris in Tucson at this place called The Sausage Deli. A hole in the wall, and the best sandwiches you could ever possibly imagine. Chris was/is a gourmet chef and opened a place in Tucson. I'll have to see if it is still in business. Cajun food with a twist, from what I remember. Very sweet guy, by the way.

    Also, I was just telling someone else how I love CSI, but the Miami version bugs me, and tell me if you agree with this - doesn't it bother you that the women don't tie back their hair? I mean, when I worked in the deli, we HAD to tie it back so any falling strands did not affect the sandwiches. Imagine what those strands could do to evidence???

    I'm kind of kidding... but kind of not. Vegas CSI - love that. The women wear lab coats and EVERYTHING!!!

  • Larry W. Chavis

    Hi, Patti.
    Yes, I've often wondered just how much evidence gets tainted by the ladies' hair in CSI Miami. But I still can't get over their equipment - it would put the CIA, DIA, NSA, MI6, and KGB all to shame. I guess I like the "Miami" version becuse it was the first of the franchise I watched (I'm alway late getting onboard with anything).

    Elmore Leonard wrote the best Western stories I've read. Sure, L'Amour was more prolific, and I read him, but I much prefer Leonard's. Interestingly, I had read a number of his other works before I even knew he had "cut his tetth," so to speak, on Westerns.
  • Dennis Leppanen

    Hi Larry,

    You're reading an Estleman I've haven't gotten to yet, The Master Executioner---I'm presently reading 'Little Black Dress'...the man writes on a fifty's manual typewriter...
  • Dennis Leppanen

    Billy Gashade, Whiskey River, & Peeper are all excellent & all so very different. I'm going to try James Lee Burke next, haven't tried him on yet.
  • Dennis Leppanen

    Hi Larry,

    I just finished the Master Executioner and I agree with you---it was excellent, yet totally different from Estleman's other works. Try Black Powder, White Smoke when you get the chance.

  • Dennis Leppanen

    Same here, Larry.

    I just ran across him last fall.
  • Dennis Leppanen

    Hi Larry,

    Just finished Estleman's Black Powder, White Smoke, over the holidays. It just may be his best.

  • Michelle Gagnon

    Hi Larry! The Tunnels is actually available now, and I'll be sending you an ARC of Boneyard next week when I get my shipment from MIRA...
  • Maryann Miller

    Larry, tried to find an e-mail addy for you but was unable to, so dropped by here to thank you for the great review you did of my book, One Small Victory.
  • Rick Mofina

    Larry, thank you so much for the kind note on A Perfect Grave. I am glad you enjoyed it and the theme of redemption and trying to rise above the mistakes we make in life. Deeply appreciated, thanks again.
  • L.J. Sellers

    Hi Larry
    Just dropping in to "meet" you.