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cincinnati and louisville
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Still a thriller writer-chick. My second novel, Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts, is now available from Ballantine Books and Brilliance audio. I also co-edit Surreal South, a series anthology of short fiction, with my husband, writer Pinckney Benedict. My work as appeared in EQMM and other anthologies. I occasionally still review books for The Grand Rapids Press in Michigan. I live in Carbondale, IL, which is nowhere near Chicago. I hope you'll check out my website to learn more about me and my work--also my blog, Notes From the Handbasket. Thanks for visiting my page!
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Joyce Carol Oates, Patricia Highsmith, Dean Koontz, Oscar Wilde, Angela Carter, Stephen King, Fay Weldon, Allison Brennan, CJ Lyons, Kelli Stanley, Jordan Dane, Lee Child, Richard Matheson, Shirley Jackson, Dashiell Hammett, Neil Gaiman, all the Brontes, that clever person who wrote many more!
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Dexter, The Tudors, Rebecca, Project Runway, Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Cinderella (Korean Horror Film), The Abandoned, Dirty Jobs, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Audrey Rose, Rosemary's Baby (do I see a flora theme here?)...again so many more.

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  • Jaden Terrell

    You're right, Laura. I will post some photos of Luca (aka, His Lordship of Eternal Cuteness). The best one I have of his is one my husband emailed me, and I can't seem to get it into My Pictures. I'll have to break down and get Mike to show me how.
  • JackBludis

    I like your new pic, no longer the "little girl: look.

    I share your enthusiasm for Cormac McCarthy. The movie is due later this years with Viggo Mortensen in the lead, and Charleze Theron as the wife never seen but only spoken of in the book. This child is Koti Smit-McPhee, now twelve ... a little old for the part but Mortensen should be able to carry the plot.

    Please add me my requests full. Checkout my entries here on my second novel I'm writing---Moral Dilemma at: