Maryann Miller

77, Female

United States

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Winnsboro, Texas
About Me:
At age ten I decided to be a writer. My friend and I were in our favorite reading spot, a small clearing in a wooded area with a blanket between us and a colony of ants. I hugged my just-finished book to my chest, watched wisps of clouds drift across the blue expanse of sky, and relived every precious moment of the story. Right then I decided that I wanted to write stories that perhaps would have another girl lost in a book on a sunny summer afternoon.

Since then, my professional experience has been primarily in journalism and non-fiction, but I do have one mystery published and am working on others. I also have written numerous screenplays and stage plays, and had the thrilling experience of directing one of my plays at The Trails Country Center for the Arts here in East Texas.
I Am A:
Reader, Writer, Editor, Critic
Books And Authors I Like:
Mystic River and others by Dennis Lehane
T. Jefferson Parker
Robert B. Parker
Chick Lit by Laura Castoro
Sue Grafton
P.D. James
Toni Morrison
Cormac McCarthy
and many more.....
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
Wow! How much space is there to list here?
I love Noir films and especially like the Blue Dahlia and others of that ilk. I also like chick flicks and comedies and modern suspense movies.
On television I enjoy most shows that involve crime - Law and Order, CSI, Criminal Minds, NCIS, and I love Heros.

Comment Wall:

  • Maryann Miller

    Hi. I'm new here and new to this experience of having a 'page' somewhere other than my own Web site. Hope to meet some new friends here and I know I will see some folks from the lists I belong to.
  • Laura Benedict

    Hi, Maryann. Welcome to Crimespace--It's a lot of fun hanging out here. Thanks so much for coming by the blog!
  • Angie

    Hello, Maryann & welcome to crimespace. Laura's right - it's a lot of fun here, plenty to participate in.

    Can't wait for Heroes to start airing new episodes. Later this month, I think.
  • Maryann Miller

    Thanks for the welcomes Angie & Laura. Angie, do you like Jericho, too? They have been airing new episodes the past few weeks. Not on the par with Heros, but a pretty good story.
  • Meredith Anthony

    Hey, Maryann-- Thanks for your message. So cool that you directed your play!! I co-authored one and we have had a reading, but don't seem to be close to getting it produced yet. I bet it was the bomb!!
  • Maryann Miller

    Thanks,Meredith. It was absolutely the biggest thrill of my life to stand in the back on opening night and see my story come to life. It was done at a community theatre, but the acting talent is amazing here. Now I am going to be onstage for the second time. First time was a really small part just to get my feet wet. Now I have a bigger role in an ensemble cast doing Squabbles. Needless to say, I am not the young star. :-)
  • Maxine

    Thanks for your nice comment on my page, Maryann. I see we share various favourites--Dennis Lehane, T Jefferson Parker... and many more!
  • Maryann Miller

    You're welcom, Maxine. I just finished reading Silent Joe by Parkler and I can see why it won the Edgar. What a terrific book. Actually, I see some similarity between Lahane and Parker in the depth of characterization. I guess that is why I like them so much.
  • JackBludis

    Thanks for your compliment on my posted "Confessions of a Hack." When you think of it, all of us except a very few, are hacks. Looking at your list, the only non-hacks I see are P.D. James, Toni Morrison, Dennis Lahane, (who went through his own hack period) and my recently discovered Cormac McCarthy. My congratulations for having a good attitude about what we do. Most of my writing tends toward hardboiled. The closest I've come to noir is "Shadow of the Dahlia."
  • Maryann Miller

    Jack, I think we all do what we have to to pay the way for the work of our hearts. One of the members of that "hack" group I belonged to wrote for the kinds of magazines you used to have to ask for at the drug stores. He was able to support himself with that and worked on his serious novels when he had a chance.

    And like you, I just discovered Cormac McCarthy reading the Border Trilogy. I had no idea how prolific he is until I did a Google search. Wow, what a variety of work.
  • Paula R. Stiles

    Hi Maryann. Just dropping by to say hi.

    And there's nothing wrong with hacks. They're just working writers and there's nothing wrong with that.
  • Maryann Miller

    Happy New Year to all. Here in the States it is New Year's Day, but obviously Crimespace in on Aussie time. That's just fine. The good wishes count either way. :-)
  • Darren Laws

    Hi Maryann, haven't read The Black Dog by Stephen, but I am always looking for entertaining, excellent stories to keep me occupied when not writing. I add it to the ever-growing list and make a purchase on my next trip to town. Have a wonderful 2008.
  • Robert Gregory Browne

    Thanks for stopping by, Maryann. Re: The Deerhunter -- I was lucky enough to see an early screening when it came out and I remember walking out of the screening room feeling emotionally wiped out. The Russian Roulette scenes alone are enough to kill you...
  • Maryann Miller

    Yup. That's what got me.
  • Rick Mofina

    Maryann - well all the best right back to you.
    Please let me know how things go with the books. I have visited Texas some five times now and I gotta tell you, I love it. Just love it - so much so that (without giving the story away) I set some key chapters and scenes of my book NO WAY BACK in Texas.
    All the best,
  • Maryann Miller

    Where have you visited in Texas? I lived for a while in the Dallas area, but now am in East Texas. Beautiful place that reminds me of Central Michigan. No Way Back is not one of the books I ordered. I guess I'll have to add that to my wish list.
  • L.J. Sellers

    Hi Maryann. Best wishes in your fiction writing endeavors.