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Kalamazoo, MI
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I'm currently living in Michigan, grew up in North Canton, OH. I'm a voracious reader-I usually have book or a magazine nearby. Not working at the moment, enjoying my last months of freedom before I start nursing school and a real grown up life. Or at least that's what they tell me I'll be doing, I'm not sure they know me very well.
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Books And Authors I Like:
Really far too many to mention them all. I've managed to re-read The Stand and It by Stephen King more times than I can count and A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L'Engle. Started out with Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators-loved the Mystery of the Moaning Cave!
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
As far as movies go, I wouldn't even know where to begin. I can tell you what I don't like-romance, the current gorefest horror films and period movies. Otherwise, I'm pretty open-scifi, horror (even cheesy B horror), thriller, mystery, some drama, comedy. I did grow up in the Star Wars era so the original three are big favorites, along with A Christmas Story and Christopher Guest films.

I've pretty much given up on standard network television, although I do watch Survivor, Deal or No Deal, and occasionally Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?. I also regularly watch Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, MASH (on TVLand), Rome, Deadwood, The Sopranos, A&E, History's Mysteries, and re-runs of Star Trek:TNG.

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  • Sandra Ruttan

    Hey Norby! Great to see you here! Don't be shy about jumping in and stirring the pot in your usual insightful way!
  • norby

    Is that a nice way of calling me a troublemaker?
  • Anne Frasier

    hi norby!!! so glad to see you here. i think this is going to be a great place for all of us.
  • Sandra Ruttan

    I am saying you inspire interesting, thoughtful responses.

    Hi Anne!
  • Sandra Ruttan

    (See how I cover my butt!)
  • norby

    Yes, nice job of cya! I'm pretty good at that myself.
  • Angie

    Hi, Norby. Just doing a drive-by howdy. Welcome to the hot new crime fic scene!

    And yes, Sandra was definitely calling you a trouble-maker. CYA or no, let's not get all distracted with her smoke 'n mirrors!
  • norby

    Oh don't worry Angie, I know her too well to let her little tricks fool me. I just let her think she's getting one by me so she doesn't pout.
  • Cyndy Salzmann

    I really like to catch Survivor when I can also. Such fun to see the interpersonal dynamics. Now Dirty Jobs... I can't handle. But my husband loves it.
  • Bobbi A. Chukran

    Drive by howdy! Love it!

    bobbi c.
    down in Texas, ya'll
  • northwoodsgirl

    Happy Easter! Are you getting Snow over there? We got 5 inches the other day And more tonight possibly 6 more.
  • Naomi Hirahara

    Any movies for this weekend? We saw BREACH the other day at a discount movie theatre; it was well done but could have benefited from more of an inside look into the spy's mind.

    Also saw a classic noir film last night, ACT OF VIOLENCE, at a festival. Won't have time to check out any new releases, but fill me in if you see something good.
  • Naomi Hirahara

    My husband doesn't understand why I want to see BORAT. I keep telling him that it's supposed to reveal racism, not necessarily support it, but he doesn't believe most viewers will get that. He's probably right, but I still want to see the film.
  • Matthew Ogborn

    Kalamazoo sounds like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which is fine by me. Can't beat the fantastical every now and then. Thanks for the friend invitation Norby and look forward to chatting.
  • QualityBookReviews

    Wishing you a happy career as a nurse, what area are you looking to specialize in? I was a OR nurse for about 10 years and am currently work as a Case Mgr in Home Health.
  • Bernd Kochanowski

    Hallo norby,

    I like your foto showing a dedicated reader. Where is this lady situated.
  • Novel Gobbler

    Hey, thanks for the invite! Michigan rocks!
  • Gavin Bell

    Then you have great taste in movies! I used to love the 3 Investigators too, I think the Secret of Terror Castle was my favourite though...
  • Betty Duffy

    Hi Norby, we do turn up in the most unusual places
  • chelbel

    Hey Norby, this place is so Kool! Love your layout xxx
  • Norm Cowie

    Ah, ha... another Reality Show Geek. Thanks for the message! I liked both Earl and Yao-man from early on, but I agree with you.
  • Norm Cowie

    Reality Shows are like chocolate. If you have one, you have to have another. And afterwards you feel like a frog.. you ate on...sorry... sick to your stomach.
  • Norm Cowie

    Oh, wait!! I just noticed. Kalamazoo, huh? I went to WMU, high school in Paw Paw.
  • Marta Stephens

    Hi Norby. Thanks for the invite.We must be neighbors. I'm in Indiana. :)
  • Declan Burke

    Hi Norby, thanks for the welcome, I really appreciate it ... the Three Investigators, huh? I was just talking about them the other night, in a conversation (slightly drunken) about how all my earliest reading was crime-influenced, without even knowing. Also, Stephen King's It is a great, great story ... he really can tell 'em. Chat soon, Dec
  • Tony Black

    Hey, Norby...thanks for taking part in my little caption competition, I larfed and larfed and larfed...there's a goldfish in the mail to you!
  • surfingcheryl

    Thanks for the invite. Send me your address via private mail at and I'll get you a free copy of my recent thriller Death Game from Amazon. (Got credit there to use up!) Anyone who likes Stephen King AND A Wrinkle in Time will love my book. Besides, I'd like your opin/comments after you read. I'm working on the next in series and soliciting reviews from heavy duty READERS.
    Cheryl Swanson
  • Martyn Waites

    Hi Norby, thanks for the invite. Looking forward to chatting, all the best, Martyn
  • surfingcheryl

    Norby, Thanks for commenting on my page...I didn't get your email, though. Realized I had left it incorrectly below. Should be
    (Left out the "a" ...) So sorry, hope to hear from you soon.
  • Roger Newbury

    Hi Norby (Debs) it's me!

    I thought I'd check this place out too! Looks pretty cool so far.

    I'll be in touch properly soon, either here or the BTZ!!

  • Naomi Hirahara


    I've missed you! Hope that you've been well. What's on tap, movie-wise?

    I'm trying an experiment and trying to rely on my local library for DVDs. On hold for me right now are EL MARIACHI, RAISING VICTOR VARGAS, REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, and CIDER HOUSE RULES (that one is for research).
  • Linda Lee

    Thanks Norby, this looks like a fun place.
  • Naomi Hirahara

    We saw 3:10 to YUMA this weekend. (Funny--Luke Wilson has a cameo.)

    Such an excellent movie. I highly recommend it.