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Life rolls by slowly for an outback detective. Sniffing out clues to catch a peeping tom or following the trails left from the town’s latest misdemeanours usually fills the warm summer nights and as… View »

SQUINT by Bronwyn Mehan

I’m keeping an eye out for Gerard via the small pane of cross-haired glass. I called him an hour ago. He turns his mobile off while he’s on the course, so I had to leave a message. Today is normally… View »

DADDY'S GIRL by Tony Black 1 Comment

Ben the gimp racked up another pot of VB, leaned over the bar, real conspiratorial, then blurted, ''He was rooting her for years, y'know!'' I thought, not again. Some blokes see you with an eighteen-… View »

THE MOLLOY BROTHERS GIVE THEIR ALL by Sophie Littlefield 1 Comment

February 1914 Tom Molloy didn’t want to whinge - but how was a man supposed to tolerate this heat? The sun blazed as it sank toward earth – yet come night they’d freeze in the bark-walled miners’ hut… View »

SEEING RED by Jackie Tritt 3 Comments

Red Erikson had spent the majority of his eighteen years in and around the small township of Woolly Butt. Despite his permanent scowl, he liked it there. He’d given the big city a try, for three week… View »

Short Story Competition Results 2008 10 Comments

We have now come to the end of the judging period for CrimeSpace's inaugural short story competition. From a total of thirty-two entries, the pre-judging team arrived at a shortlist that was passed… View »

World's Sexiest Writer Poll 2007

Read more about it here. 1. Leigh Redhead (13) 2. Barry Eisler (2) 3. Twist Phelan (9) 4. Robert Crais (8) 5. Tara Moss (11) 6. Alex Barclay (7) 7. Neil Gaiman (3) 8. Mo Hayder (3) 9. Maxim Jakubo… View »

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What's the best collective noun for a group of crime writers? ( surveys) How many books do you read in a month? ( surveys) polls - Take Our Poll survey software - Take Our Poll survey so… View »


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