Captain Jack Aimes is an ordinary man, living an ordinary life of a charter service pilot in 1937 Belgium. He makes a living transporting packages and passengers from one country to another, enjoying the hand to mouth existence he has chosen to live.

His life quickly becomes one of intrigue when he meets a beautiful woman named Bluma, a waitress at the local café. A life, once mundane fast becomes one of car chases, mysterious strangers with guns, mysticism and the acquisition, loss and pursuit of an important book called “The Prose Edda”.

Follow Jack as he tries to recover “The Prose Edda”, avoids being killed by those in pursuit of him and as he tries to discover what happened to the beautiful waitress who has gone missing.

In his adventure Jack will discover more about his friends, the extent evil men will go to in pursuit of their goals and the vulnerability of the world to the reemergence of ancient magic.

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