“While most writers sit in their study and make it up, Sam Millar has lived it and every sentence in his new novel, The Redemption Factory, evokes a searing truth about men, their dark past, and the code by which they live. Great title, great read. Disturbingly brutal. I enjoyed it immensely.” Cyrus Nowrasteh, award-winning writer/director, Warner Brothers

“Millar’s words will mesmerize you. He is like a poet of darkness…” Village Voice, New York

“The Redemption Factory is like a weird gothic dream. The abattoir in the story is fantastic, straight out of Hieronymous Bosch. Indeed, the grotesqueness of many of the characters makes one imagine that Nick Cave is writing a paean to small-town life…the plot elements come together nicely, in their own dark way…” Booklist, USA
“This novel creates a bleak vision of contemporary urban Ireland.” Chicago Tribune

“Twisty, dark, and fetid as a maze of back alleys, this vivid ramble about the fate of a man caught up in the family drama at a slaughterhouse packs a powerful punch. Millar gives his imagination full and disturbing rein, setting the tone with a literal bloodbath...” Publishers Weekly

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Comment by christophe bender on November 26, 2010 at 9:12pm
"a poet of darkness", that's the words. a very witchie tale...

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