Kathryn Ann Martini graduated from Yale with a bright future in the banking business. Young, beautiful and ambitious, she had everything going for her. Until she met Michael...

Michael David Lissy was the sleazy proprietor of a scuba diving school, a coke addict who consorted with pimps, prostitutes and known criminals. Burned out and broke, he had nothing going for him. Then he met Kathryn...

It was a match made in hell. Only July 6, 1984, the raped and mutilated body of Kathryn Martini Lissy was found at the Valley River Inn in Eugene, Oregon. Soon afterward, police arrested Michael David Lissy, Kathryn's husband of one year. A few months earlier, Lissy had taken out a large insurance policy on Kathryn's life, naming him as sole beneficiary. Then he hired an underworld assassin to stalk and kill his wife. After one of the most sensational trials in Eugene's recent history, Lissy was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Web of Deceit is a gripping real-life tale of a woman caught in a deadly web of lust and violence...a riveting story of love gone horribly, tragically wrong.

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