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When Is the News Not the News?

Okay, all you 24/7 news junkies, here's a quiz: What's the difference between news and opinion? I don't mind you checking in all day long to watch the same footage, described in the same words, over and over. I'm just concerned that you keep your minds straight on the question above. I'm sick of "news" that is really fiction. I mean, I'm a novel writer and I wouldn't go as far as a lot of so-called newspeople in spinning a story.

We hear first, sometimes for days, what someone… Continue

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Another Cool Review!

I like to use this blog to direct you to interesting web sites, even if I choose my own. Today I’d like to introduce you to a fan named John Callow.

When he e-mailed me he said he didn’t think I’d remember him, but he was wrong. He stopped by when I was signing books at Border’s in Manassas. He was carrying the latest James Patterson book and I told him I wrote in a similar vein. He went home with an autographed copy of Blood and Bone and I asked him to write when he finished… Continue

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Pulpfest, a new and improved version of the venerable convention catering to fans and collectors of vintage popular fiction, will be held from Friday, July 31st, through Sunday, August 2nd, at the Ramada Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Sellers of pulp magazines, all-fiction digests, dime novels, and other collectible books and periodicals are already lining up for exhibit space, and the convention will be advertised and… Continue

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Me, George and a Bottle of Ouzo

New blog post at: http://mitziszereto.wordpress.com

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Talon show

I love living in Cambridge. I was walking into Inman Square. Had my head down to look for icy patches, and suddenly I see a movement to my right. There, sitting on a fence, was a hawk, eating a pigeon. He looked at me - we were just about eye level - as if to say, "Yeah, lady? Whadya want?" I'm afraid I went "eep," and he flew off, right in front of me - INCHES away – across… Continue

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'Pestilence' Nominated for New Covey Cover Design Award.

The cover of my forthcoming 4RV Publishing novel 'Pestilence' is in this months poll for The New Covey Cover Award'. Could I once again ask all my friends to make a visit to http://thenewcoveycoverawards.blogspot.com/ and place a vote for this wonderful design by the ultra-talented Graeme S Houston. Thanks again to everyone who has already supported my work, and Graeme's designs. I hope I can ask for your support once… Continue

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Where on the Web is Austin S. Camacho

If you remember the old geography TV show about Carmen Sandiego you’ll get the title. In this section I share my on line locations for those of you who do lots of surfing, linking and RSSing.

When I read that Red Room called itself the online home of many of the world's greatest writers I knew I had to be there. Red Room provides authors and members with free, easy-to-use online homes. It's a place for the literary community to… Continue

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P.J.'s Guest Blog #3 Favorite Books

When people find out that I review mysteries, and that I read manuscripts, they almost always ask me a question I really dread, "Who is your favorite mystery writer?" The easy answer is, of course, that I don't have a favorite. There are too many good writers to pick just one. The reply when I'm with people who read mysteries with as much fervor as I do is more complex. It turns into a series of new questions: Male or Female, Living or Dead, Cozy or Hard-boiled, P.I. or Police Procedural,… Continue

Added by Peg Herring on January 21, 2009 at 10:45pm — 1 Comment

Some upcoming Australian releases

Following on from Peter Temple's Truth coming out from Text in August, Allen & Unwin have announced that Cliff Hardy is off to the US in April in Deep Water by Peter Corris. In June Allen & Unwin will be releasing The Dark Mirror by Barry Maitland - flagged as combining poetry and poisoning in London's research institutions. Pan MacMillan have also announced that in September Cold Justice - the third Ella Marconi novel by Katherine Howell will be released.

It's looking like a… Continue

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Something Worth Remembering

(Cross posted on One Bite at a Time.)

Writers have been known to remark on what hard work it is to finish a book. Successful writers sometimes comment on the difficulties of cranking out a book a year. In the press kit for her now book, A Darker Domain, no less an authority than Val McDermid lays it out:

People sometimes remark that I must work hard to produce a book a year. They look offended when I laugh. Then I… Continue

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Survivor: Writer's Island

No, the Killers at the Kill Zone aren't taking a vote by tiki-torch circle to kick someone off our little blogger island. Read post.

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BBC Radio Solent Called

BBC Radio Solent called today to ask me if I would be happy to be featured as one of ‘Julian’s People’ to follow throughout 2009. Of course I jumped at the chance. Julian Clegg presents a very lively radio programme from 6.30am to 9.30am every weekday.

“It may be Julian and the team of reporters, travel, weather and sport presenters behind the mic, but it's 'Julian's People' who really make BBC Radio Solent's breakfast show the South's favourite.

Julian’s show has… Continue

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Preparing to Dazzle the World

Don't forget, tomorrow is P.J. Coldren's third guest blog, this time on favorite books. Trust me, she's got a lot of them, and she does a great job with the topic.

At 7:00 am I was interviewed by a reporter for an upcoming presentation. The thought struck me that it helps to prepare. Now isn't that profound?

Yes, I prepare for my presentations. I practice, I check my bag of supplies three times (at least) to be sure everything I might need is in there. I plan my route and… Continue

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Historic Inauguration

Does anyone else think it is ironic to have this particular presidential inauguration the day after Martin Luther King Day? While Obama has been called a seeker of consensus, I think Dr. King might have had some valuable advice for the new president. It was Dr. King who said:

"A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus."

I also hope that Obama will seek guidance in previous inauguration speeches, like those of Abraham Lincoln. But he should… Continue

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Currently Reading

I've not been posting blog posts here recently - but the RSS feed doesn't show them on the main page, so in the spirit of being a little more active - I'm currently reading what is not "technically" a crime novel - I've decided to call it more of a rant novel :) :) :)

Slyly funny thus far, I'm really enjoying English Toss on Planet Andong - a book we recently gave a few copies away of on AustCrimeFiction.

From the blurb:

"'Don't you realise you can get by… Continue

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New Beginnings

My partner, David, and I had a small group of friends over this morning. We all spent the first half of today watching the inauguration of Barack Obama as 44th President of the United States. We shared food and comment and -- at 9 a.m. Pacific Time -- uncorked a bottle of something bubbly and toasted and cheered and enjoyed each other and… Continue

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Please Join Me on March 7,2009

If you live on the East Coast of Florida please join me on March 7th. I will be at a book fair in Cocoa Beach, Florida selling my books and speaking about Silent Scream my true crime documentary about the victims of Gerard Schaefer Florida's first serial killer. I will be speaking at 4:00pm


Where: Central Brevard Library, Forrest Ave, Cocoa, Fl

When: Sat., March 7th, 2009, - 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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Busy Author's Update

A lot of people flew into Washington this last weekend and I saw many of them. Things started slowly Friday at the Borders in Washington Dulles International Airport but late in the afternoon the book-hungry crowd moved in.

Saturday was an even more successful book signing at the Borders in Gateway Center. I made lots of new friends in Bowie that day.

Things were surprisingly quiet at Ronald Reagan National Airport on Sunday. Crowds were flying into the airport, but they… Continue

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New acceptance!

After a long and trying journey, I finished A Will to Love and submitted it.

My editor just responded with kudoes on the writing and a shiny new contract! I am so thrilled!!!

Hope all my mystery fans will enjoy my first ROMANCE! It is a short novella or long short story, however you want to look at it.

More info coming~!

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Review: FAULT LINE, by Barry Eisler

FAULT LINE, by Barry Eisler

Ballantine Books, March, 2009

Hardcover, $25.00 ($28.00 Canada)

ISBN: 978-0-345-50508-8

Reviewed by Larry W. Chavis

The United States has a long and treasured heritage of respect for the rights of the individual, personal liberty, and the rule of law. While it certainly hasn’t always played out that way in our history – one can think of our less-than-honorable treatment of the Native Americans, for example – still, this has been… Continue

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