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Great line up of best selling crime authors, police and forensic experts for CSI Portsmouth 2014

I'm delighted to announce the great line up of best selling crime authors, crime experts and officers from Hampshire Police for CSI Portsmouth 2014, part of Portsmouth BookFest, where crime fiction meets crime fact, on Saturday 8 November.

This year joining me on the panel in the morning will be crime author M.C. Beaton with crime experts, Terrence Napier, Footwear Mark Examiner for Hampshire Police…


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COMING ATTRACTIONS and 5 book give-away

Check out the latest books from William Kent Krueger, Kelli Stanley, L.J. Sellers and a new series by Ray Daniel. Also, here's a link to sample 11 chapters from the latest Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child novel. http://kingsriverlife.com/07/26/coming-attractions-end-of-summer-edition/  

And 5 cozy mysteries from Penguin can be yours by emailing…


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Another good year at Bookstock

There is a distinctive change in my signings these days: I'm actually making money.

Most of us who write never talk about the pay, which is usually abysmal. We write because we must, and we write because we have something to say and want people to hear it. Money is nice, but no one being realistic expects to make a fortune.

Most of my signings over the years have ranged from quiet to excellent: before this year, probably the best one took place several years ago at the Borders…


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Scammed, Part I

Email-Scam Hello,

This message may be coming to you as a surprise but I need your help.Few days back we made an unannounced vacation trip to Kiev Ukraine.Everything was going fine until last night when we were mugged on our way back to the hotel.They Stole all our cash,credit cards and cellphone but thank God we still have our lives and passport.Another shocking is that the hotel manager has been…


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Sheriff Dan Rhodes is back in "Half In Love With Artful Death" by Bill Crider

Burt Collins is just one of those difficult folks that Sheriff Dan Rhodes has to deal with on a daily basis. Burt Collins has a very narrow view of the world and Rhodes has to listen to him complain and demand action. His latest issue is that he doesn't like the artists that have shown up all over Clearview, Texas. To hear Burt Collins talk those artists, who are in town for a workshop being taught by a couple of county residents, are an infestation that has to be removed before they ruin…


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Review: "The Untreed Detectives" edited by J. Alan Hartman

After a short introduction to the book by, publisher J. Alan Hartman, it is on to the twelve short stories. Some are written by names you may recognize. Others by names that are unfamiliar to you. All authors involved have weaved a complex tale very worthy of their inclusion in The Untreed Detectives anthology released last year.


Kara L. Barney leads things off with “A Knife in the Dark.” This story is set in the time before Sherlock became legendary. Watson has…


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Review: "The Shamus Sampler II" edited by Jochem Vandersteen

Editor Jochem Vandersteen crafted a very good read with The Shamus Sampler and does it again with The Shamus Sampler II. The 13 stories in the book are all good ones though they go about things in very different ways. By doing so the authors show in very practical terms the argument put forth by author Timothy Hallinan in the introduction that the private…


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I discovered a way to get to sleep fast. Count the little Pauline Rowsons jumping over your headboard, until you fall out.

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Variety Is The Spice Of Writing

variety Since I'm involved in martial arts, I write a series with a character who is a taekwondo school owner as well as a private investigator. Yes, she carries a gun, but she relies on her martial arts skills more often.

Two challenges I have in writing this series are 1). to create scenes where my main character, Mallory Petersen, can use her skills and 2). for her to use a…


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Bookstock, 2014

Next week, from July 25 through July 27, I'll be signing my books at the annual Bookstock Literary Festival, held in Woodstock, Vermont. The event brings together literary notables (former U.S. poet laureate Billy Collins this year), Vermont writers and publishers, and, most importantly, readers. 

This will also be the first public signing of my newest effort, "Terror Strikes Downtown," in which crime reporter Ace Herron investigates the causes of a series of explosions which tear up…


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Review: "Thuglit: Issue 12" edited by Todd Robinson

The latest collection of eight stories edited by Todd Robinson features the noir tales one expects from the Thuglit series. Whether it be fate that puts these characters in bad situations, bad decisions as that simplistic Facebook meme that some folks must unthinkingly share week in and week out, or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, many of these characters are not living, working, or even walking down the sunny side of the street. Heck, they can’t even see the…


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Like listening to crime audio books? Some great offers on my crime novels at Audible

Many of my crime novels are in unabridged audio book format, published by Isis and read by the very talented actor and voice artist Gordon Griffin.

They have received some lovely reviews including this one below.

Dead Man's Wharf Audio Book Review

Gordon Griffin's delivery enhances the story's setting, the Solent area of the south coast of England, with its atmosphere of mist and the scent of the sea. As gruff Inspector Andy…


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Short Story Collection Time With "Shots Fired" By C. J. Box

When I was a kid growing up in Northeast Dallas my parents always took us camping on the winter breaks as well as during the summers. Not only did we do a bunch of parks and sites here in Texas we spent weeks at a time up in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. My dad was an avid hiker and he and I frequented many a trail. Little did I know then that, as fate would have it, once I moved out at age twenty I would never make it back to the mountains I had loved since a child. Author C. J. Box is…


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Chapters - I

C01 NOTE: So, I should point out here at the beginning that I've decided to go with the title Chapters for this series of blog posts. I suppose nearly any of the stand alone posts could fit under this category, but I think I'll try to keep these with where there is a humorous complaint or comment. Searching the web I've discovered several other sites to tap when this current crop, originally listed back on 4/25,…


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Review: "Field Of Prey" by John Sandford

When a person vanishes and the body never turns up the usual assumption by law enforcement is that the person took off for a better life somewhere else. This is especially true if the missing person is female, young, and living in a place with limited opportunity. If it wasn't for a young couple by the name of Layton Carlson, Jr., and his girlfriend, Ginger, who needed somewhere private to park for a long anticipated romantic encounter the bodies in the cistern on the long abandoned farm…


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Review: "What Happens In Reno" by Mike Monson

For Matt Hodges this Tuesday morning finds him in what has become a common place event as What Happens In Reno by Mike Monson opens. Waking up in the car in the parking lot of the old Denny's just north of downtown Modesto, California after yet another hard night of drinking and bar hopping. Going home just after 7am to shower and clean up wasn't really a good idea either as his cheating wife, Lydia, is waiting there for him.


Their marriage is circling in a…


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Review: "The Woodsman - A Short Story" by George Wier

Wolf Dillard had been having a great carnal dream involving himself and a local waitress until he was woken up by a very loud screech. A screech in the night that continued long  after he awoke and seemed to sort of contain words in some sort of unintelligible language. Wolf made his way through his home to his screened in porch where he grabbed his shotgun from where it rested next to his freezer. By the time he got there the horrible loud noise had stopped. Karakawa County was silent and…


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PERFECT PEACE is the second novel of my PERFECT WORLDS series, and it’s also my longest novel to date, logging in at around 156,000 words.  Not only that, it’s the single seed that the whole projected series grew from.

It began as a simple idea that kept surfacing in my mind, usually as I was dropping off to sleep at night.  I honestly don’t know where it came from – I like to think that it was a message from the ether, from the place where all true and good creative thoughts emerge. …


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As occasional readers of this blog or visitors to my website may know, I am currently involved in the on-going process of writing a series of full-length crime/mystery/suspense novels gathered together under the umbrella title of PERFECT WORLDS.  I have two titles already completed and e-published, a third underway, and a fourth still in the planning stage, but today I think I’d like to talk about the first in the series, PERFECT DAY.

The whole PERFECT WORLDS project began when I…


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Teen Time Travel Novels 2-Book Bundle by R. Barri Flowers

Teen Time Travel Novels 2-Book Bundle contains two complete young adult time travel novels by bestselling author R. Barri Flowers, including Christmas Wishes: Laura’s Story and Danger in Time.


Christmas Wishes: Laura’s…


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