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Beware the Back Cover

(Also posted on One Bite at a Time.)

I’m about halfway through Scott Phillips’s excellent novel, Cottonwood. I’ve liked everything about the book from Page 1, but for one thing: the back cover.

I rarely look at the back covers or jacket notes on books I’ve already decided I want to read. I don’t need any teasers or endorsements; I already know I want to read the book, either because of author recognition or… Continue

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I Can't Explain It

The idea hit me sometime this morning, and I just had to share: two classic stories woven together.

Teaser: People are dying all over Scotland, and the blame, at least in the view of most people, falls on a certain woman. I feel sorry for her, because I can see the strain she's under. If only the real killer could be found. Oh! Could it be? Yup, it's me, Macbeth.


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Word Play

Over the weekend I had another chat about the inconsistent rules of our language. For example, if a person who plays the piano is called a pianist, why isn't a person who drives a race car called a racist? And I’ve wondered about occasional tables. What are they the rest of the time?

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Latest Great Review - A Study in Red

I'm delighted to see the latest great review of 'A Study in Red' to appear at

5.0 out of 5 stars Don't read this one just before Bedtime, September 22, 2009

By Barbara E. Towle (Seattle, WA) - See all my reviews


Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)

Jack the Ripper is an intriguing character who has been written about in many ways by many people. As I read this book, I forgot that it was a fictional account of a true story. Brian… Continue

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Review - Fifty Grand, Adrian McKinty


Author: Adrian McKinty

Publisher: Serpents Tail

Copyright: 2009

ISBN: 978-1846687235

No of Pages: 308

Book Synopsis:

Cuban cop Mercado has a score to settle, on behalf of a deadbeat dad, a 'traitor' who skipped free from Castro's control to set up a new life working illegally in Colorado. He settled in a ski resort popular with the Hollywood set, where a facade of legality is maintained by the immigrant cleaners and… Continue

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Jack had taken a job as an associate detective with a reputable detective agency in San Francisco. After his injuries while on a secret mission for the Navy he quit and took his disability pension. He wouldn’t be content with a desk job.

During one of his assignments he became involved in a… Continue

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New Cudmore/Martin Collaboration

Hey all...just wanted you to know that mine and Libby (Cudmore)'s story "Call for Submission" will be up in the next issue of Big Pulp's highly recommended for all the writers out there

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This Year's Holiday Anthology

also got a mention last week on the Criminal Brief blog, along with the 18 other authors from across the U.S. and Canada who donated short stories to this year's mystery anthology for the Toys for Tots Foundation. The book, "The Gift of Murder," contains nineteen stories of crimes occurring during Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa, and some of the stories even combine all three holidays. All profits go to the Toys for Tots… Continue

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Getting the Word Out (R)

This week I'm out doing library talks, and that means getting those ducks in a row. Do I have enough cards, books, handouts, and such? How will I look after a long drive on a hot day? And worst of all, will anyone care enough to show up?

Second-time authors aren't exactly hot properties, and while libraries are usually willing to let me do my schtick, there's no guarantee patrons will show up to watch. I combat the no-name problem by approaching with a theme rather than just "Come… Continue

Added by Peg Herring on September 22, 2009 at 8:59pm — 6 Comments

Sharp Shooter

Hi Crimespace,

I'm the Australian author of the recently published Tara Sharp humourous crime novels.
Nice to meet you all. This looks like a great site.


Added by Marianne Delacourt on September 22, 2009 at 11:53am — 5 Comments

A million books sold in one day!

Dan Brown's new book sold a million copies on its first day. A million copies. Take in this, along with James Patterson's megablock deal, and I would suggest the health of the publishing industry is, in some respects, quite healthy.

How the hell does an author sell a million books? There are lots of well-known authors out there who have good reputations and a sizeable following. But they don't come close to hitting the numbers like Brown's new book did. I think this is a perfect… Continue

Added by B.R.Stateham on September 22, 2009 at 1:35am — 14 Comments

New story up at Beat to a Pulp

After a long layoff from here and from writing crime fiction short stories, I finally have something to report: A new short story of mine is up now at Beat to a Pulp. "A Wild and Crazy Night" tells of a recent parolee and his troubles with the generation gap.

If anything, getting this story out there finally is testament to the fact that you can find a market for your story if you wait long enough. After a couple of rejections from places that sought more blood and guts than I… Continue

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The Play's the Thing

I ditched work last week and visited one of my favorite places on Earth: Stratford, Ontario, Canada. In two days I saw three plays, and like the theater geek I am, two of them were pieces I'd seen many times before. I don't mind a bit watching Tony and Maria struggle against Fate one more time or seeing Bottom made even more of an ass than Nature made him at birth.

Plays are different than novels. (Duh!) For me, seeing a play again is a treat, while reading a novel again has little… Continue

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Read A Great New Thriller - Free!

I like to direct you to sources of great reading. To my surprise, this time that means pointing you to Politics

The real news is that thriller author extraordinaire James Grady is back. Don’t know Grady’s work? Well, his very first novel, “Six Days of the Condor” set the bar high for spy stories with a realistic feel, and the Robert Redford film adaptation did the same for spy movies.

Grady has turned out several great books and scripts since then including a… Continue

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The killer of The Unholy Priest returned home, he lived in Topeka, Kansas, he checked in at work. Captain Russell Brooks made a snide remark, “there’s that lazy detective whose case load is off the charts.”

“No problem, I’m gonna retire soon.”

“I remember in high school you were retired then too.”

The two had known each other as kids. They both grew up in Oakland adjacent to the Kaw River. Then it was a peaceful area and kids did what kids did… Continue

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Updated Sites

A.F. Waddell Fiction


A. F. Waddell writes short fiction including humor, erotica, crime and road genres. Works include include the Thelma and Louise parody “Tina and Lucille” in The Mammoth Book of on the Road (Carroll & Graf/Robinson); “Cashmeres Must Die” in Leather, Lace and Lust (Berkeley Books) and The Mammoth… Continue

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Darden North to be interviewed live on "Coffee with an Author" Sept 21 at 10am CST on BlogTalkRadio

Mystery/suspense/medical thriller author Darden North to be interviewed live on "Coffee with an Author" by host Naomi Giroux on BlogTalkRadio.

Interview time for the hour-long interview: Monday, September 21, 2009, at 10:00 am CST.

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Author Update

It’s always both fun and rewarding to support the Washington D.C. Branch of the National League of American Pen Women. I spent much of Saturday at their third annual September Sale. Yes, I signed a handful of novels, but I also spent time with some artists and writers I both like and respect, and explored the Charles Sumner Museum for the first time. If you’re in the DC area, you should check it out. It’s practically across the street from the National Geographic Museum, another overlooked… Continue

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Review: REVELATION by C. J. Sansom

REVELATION by C. J. Sansom

First published 2008 by Macmillan

Paperback Edition, 2009, Pan Books

ISBN 13: 978-0-330-44710-2

REVELATION is the fourth of C. J. Sansom's masterful stories about Matthew Shardlake, a hunchbacked barrister of Lincoln's Inn, London, during the time of Henry VIII's reign, specifically the boisterous decade of Henry's break with the Church of Rome. It is during… Continue

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you get back what you put in

what do i put in

can i add to it with pen

i wonder when i write

maybe i'm a bit contrite

but i go ahead in my plight

often burning a light

sometimes i get uptight

full of doubt and fright

then someone says your right

then i stand upright

responding i write all night

till i start losing my sight

i can only do with all my might

a poem a tale hopefully with insight

i keep thinking… Continue

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