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British thriller writer Paul Adam delves into violin-making and mysteries on SCENE OF THE CRIME

Murder, Mayhem, and Music: The Cremona Novels of Paul Adam


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Book Bans Prevent Youth from Exploring Ideas Safely

by Benjamin Sobieck

In this day of digitization, librarians aren't what they used to be. Once, they sorted books. Now, they keep patrons from looking at porn of other sexy librarians on the computers. And when the Internet is down, they're battling stuck-ups of the worst kind:…


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Dancing With Myself

u.v.ray interviews.... u.v.ray for the Dancing With Myself series at Sea Minor:

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Self Published Sunday Marvin Lindberg Ponzied

Sundays are fast becoming one of the biggest viewing days of the week here @ The Scoop. I don’t know if it is all literary agents scouting new talent or just the fact that there are a lot of very good writers out there

and you enjoy discovering them for the first time as much as I do. The writers

are putting themselves out there to the masses hoping that their hard work and

talent get recognized and consumed. I personally get a lot of satisfaction…


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Prophecies and Predictions....

Lately I feel like I'm at war with the world's bookstores. Nothing could

be further from the truth. While it's true I've been social networking

and virtual "cyber" pushing the Kindle and EBook sales of my new

bestsellers, The Remains and… Continue

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New arms race--on author websites

I have a new book coming out in the UK next spring. So it’s time to start looking around to see what new web gadgets and gismos authors are expected to shell out for from their meager advances to keep their “web profile” current.

It’s a new arms race. Just as the Soviets bankrupted their (morally bankrupt) regime trying to keep up with US developments in mass destruction, writers have to divert their attention from the writing of books and trawl the…

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new chapter of novel online

New chapter of my mystery novel, "Deadly Discrimination" is now online
Lorie Ham

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Digital Short Saturday Julian Adorney Deals

Deals by Julian Adorney is a really neat read. It is told in a very short words count, 1730 words, but it packs one heck of a wallope. I didn’t know what to expect when I

received it, but very quickly I felt fortunate to get the read in. Here is a

synopsis of the digital short: “James is determined to provide a comfortable

life for his family, but when his college degree fails to provide the goods he

finds himself making deals he hadn't…


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Digital Short Saturday Andy Frankham Allen One Mistake

Today we are taking it easy and only throwing two digital shorts at you. No explanation for it, just laziness on my part, sorry. I have been getting a lot of messages from readers chatting up the digital short and

their ability to be read in various places to help them get through the day. I

had not thought of many of them so here goes: at the train stop waiting for the

train, on the train, at their desks, in between…


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Someone To Watch Over Me



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Book signing, Oceanside, CA

As part of my trip to the US to see some of the filming of my novel, The Kult, I've got a book signing arranged at:

Barnes & Noble

El Camino North Shopping Center

2615 Vista Way

Oceanside, CA 92054

Date: October 6th

Time: 17.00 - 20.00

It would be great to meet as many people as…


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Book of the Day

The Caretaker of Lorne Field is book of the day over at Red Room

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Interview with former Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) agent Fred Burton regarding his book, GHOST: Confessions of a Counterterrorism Agent on Hook'em and Book'em. Fred left the U.S. Department of State to work for a private company tracking global conflict, including terrorist activities. Join us to learn about Fred and a journey through what he terms, "the Dark World." Part I of a two-part… Continue

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3 Reasons Behind the Sale of 'Boardwalk Empire' to HBO

Whether you saw the pilot episode of the HBO miniseries 'Boardwalk Empire,' whether you liked it or not, you probably did not escape the multi-million dollar marketing campaign that surrounded the airing of the pilot episode on September 19th. The enormous sums that Martin Scorsese and HBO are spending compel me, to look for clues about how to create such a product with such lucrative potential. What you may not know is that the 'Boardwalk Empire' property was not fiction, but a history book.… Continue

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'Content Analysis' & Your Writing...



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Brave New Author!

Diane McAndrew is a brave woman. Not only is she embarking on the journey of writing her first mystery novel, but she had the courage to talk about that experience to a bunch of total strangers - YOU. Maybe after you read her guest blog on Another Writer’s Life and comment on it, you won't be… Continue

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And then, sometimes they really get it--New Review for Blood Money

This just popped up in my Google alerts today--

"Pepper Smith’s Blood Money has its eerie and haunting moments, startling moments and even some thrills, but it is most characterized by its vastly unpredictable plot.

Ms. Smith takes a chance and makes the offbeat work (a thief in the house for a week?) and even seem normal. Although this kicks off with a bit of a scary start, it moves into solving a puzzle; then tension mounts as it becomes a treasure hunt. A further… Continue

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Ronald Malfi The Ascent

I had to wonder about the title of this, as I began to read it all the action was happening underground in a cave. I quickly got over that and moved on as the action was beginning to kick into high gear. This novel

covers a lot of ground both geographically and emotionally. Here is a synopsis

of the novel so maybe you can better understand what I mean:

“After the death of his wife, successful sculptor Tim Overleigh trades in his…


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Read my short story, 'Midnight Rambler.'

Angie's Diary is a nice 'zine over in Europe that has put up a few of my stories lately. Try this one, a Turner Hahn/Frank Morales story. Tell me what you think.

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Yesterday a talk to a great crowd in Hampshire, next week I'm off to the West Midlands

Yesterday I gave a talk to a packed audience of the U3A group in Waterloovile, Hampshire about my crime novels and how I write my police procedural marine mystery crime novels featuring Inspector Andy Horton and my thrillers . They were a great crowd and I was delighted to answer their questions and sign so many books.

Next week I'm off to the West Midlands and will be speaking at Perry Common Library in Birmingham and…


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