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The Fun Part of Writing--Traveling for Research:-) Yahoo: Antigua Bound!

It's been some time since I dropped a line and had a chance to read other blogs and posts at Crimespace. Mea Culpa.

I head back to the island of Antigua in the Caribbean--was invited to attend the Antigua and Barbuda Literary Festival that will be held the first weekend in November. Though meant to celebrate Caribbean authors, I've been invited because of my novel-in- progress, Murder Visits Antigua, a Golden Age mystery, and because of my Amazon Shorts story, "Antiguan Memories."…


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Repeat, repeat

Have you noticed the number of TV shows that seem to be remakes of past shows? Moonlight looks like a dupe of an old Canadian Vampire series that had a vamp cop on the night shift with a doctor for a girlfriend who was trying to 'cure' him. Journeyman looks like another version of Quantum Leap. Reaper, a comic version of Brimstone. Patg

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October Rocks!!

October has been a good month so far. Granted, it's my favorite month out of the year 'cause of a certain holiday that falls on the final day, but the rest of it hasn't been anything to sneeze at either. Why am I so jubilant? Several reasons:

1. My Masters creative writing thesis committee has been assembled and it's my dream committee. All four professors I asked to participate agreed and I didn't need to resort to the runners up list.

2. My creative writing thesis project has…


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This is my favorite kind of day. It's raining -- just sprinkling a bit right now -- and I'm kicked back catching up on email and a few other necessary chores. Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys Season Two is playing on the DVD player -- and I do need to post my thoughts on this favorite TV show of my misspent youth over at Girl Detective one of these days. It's so...different than I remembered.

I finally got to preview the cover…


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I’m Off

I’m off to NYC, doing a last minute sweep and clear to get my dad packed up and moved out. I probably won’t have time to post till I get back, but in the meanwhile, check out cozy rebel Sue Ann Jaffarian’s post about subgenre labels, our combined book launch, the cozy vs. noir kafuffle and why you should just read.

More on that later.

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An ill wind, and then...

From the moment we heard the Santa Anas would blow at hurricane-force levels, we knew what was coming.

And still, the onset of the first fast-moving, rampaging firestorm came as a shock to the community, because it hit the sector of our society that is usually the most…

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Too Cozy or Not Too Cozy? That is the Question

By guest blogger Sue Ann Jaffarian

Silly me – when I first started writing mysteries, I had no idea there were so many subgenres. To me, a mystery is a mystery is a mystery. When I put my fingers to the keyboard and pumped out my first mystery, Too Big To Miss, I was writing a mystery – period. I didn’t write for a particular label or to avoid being labeled. I wrote from my gut, the labels came later and were purely superficial.

Although many readers consider my Odelia…


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Q&A Sat 10/27 4PM EST, 1PM Pacific

Not only is Jack Palms taking over Tokyo, but I will be doing a live Q&A event with Big O of tecnhnofodder tomorrow at 4PM EST that you can access by phone, internet, or skype!!

I'm really looking forward to speaking with many of you there tomorrow. Getting excited already.

There are two ways you can participate/listen:

First thing you need to do is go to Talkshoe.com and register to get your nine digit pin number.

THEN dial 724-444-7444 from any phone or… Continue

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Tapped Out

Natalie M. Roberts makes it dangerous to be a dance instructor in her Jenny T. Partridge Dance Mysteries. Jenny went from escaping from psycho dance moms in Tutu Deadly, to facing mad bombers in the latest book, Tapped Out.

Jenny's question? "Who would maim an innocent pink Volkswagen Bug? What kind of monster? The kind that…

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Poe's Deadly Daughters

The lovely and talented ladies of Poe's Deadly Daughters have asked me to guest blog, Saturday October 28th. How cool is that? Check it out at http://poesdeadlydaughters.blogspot.com/



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Chicago Tribune praises HEAD GAMES

Saturday’s Chicago Tribune Book Section contains a wonderful review of HEAD GAMES by Paul Goat…


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Release Day!

For those who might like a short break, a taste of something wild and different, my novella, Halo in Her Pocket, was released today by Dark Eden Press.

Short and hot, the book is adult in nature and is set in Alaska under the Midnight Sun of Summer Solstice.

I'd like it if you decided to take a look. And while you're at it, check out my interview at…


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Corpse Whisperer

Corpse Whisperer is now available on Amazon!


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On the Road Again

Next week I'm off to the World Fantasy Convention with my friend, horror writer Nancy Kilptarick. This is my last trip in a year full of trips as I tried to get my two new books-- DRAG QUEEN IN THE COURT OF DEATH (a mystery) and THE DANGER DANCE (sf-espionage adventure) out there on the world. I went south - to Texas with Anthony Bidulka - fellow Canadian mystery writer; I went east to new York city to Book Expo America and attended my first Lambda Literary Awards, to see my… Continue

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Last Animal Story, I Promise!

This one might have you thinking that I've deluded myself into believing I'm a former President of the United States, but not so. It happened to me.

I'm on my daily walk in the woods. As I follow the path, ahead I see a rabbit, sitting maybe twenty feet ahead of me. This is unusual, since rabbits are, well, rabbity. They tend to startle and run at the first sign of an intruder. This rabbit was sitting very still, in plain sight.

As I approached him, the rabbit took off, as I…


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The Crockpot--A Writer's Best Friend (And this is an interactive blog!)

posted by Leann Sweeney

Crock_pot Thank goodness some semblance of autumn finally arrived in southeast Texas this past week. For me, that first real cool front means it's time to make chili. And I did. I do a good chili, but not Texas chili, Yankee chili. I know. You can the girl out of Yankee-land but you can't .... Anyway, it's also time to pull out the best kitchen…


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Torture Porn

So, I’ve finally risen from my bed of pain. It’s been too damn long since my last post. For starters, thanks to all the big booty ladies who offered to nurse me. Sadly, I have simply not been fit for polite (or otherwise) company. I do hope you’ll all come out and represent at my big book release bash at the Mystery Bookstore in Westwood on February 3rd. I also hope that by then I will no longer be lithsping like someone’s teenaged babysitter… Continue

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Jonathan Alfred Morales

Today I was able to get the LA Times homicide report on the murder near my home. Jonathan Alfred Morales,

age 17, was stabbed at approximately 6:37 p.m. One suspect is in

custody and another remains at large.

Every victim of a violent crime deserves some

dignity. It began, for me, by finding the name of the victim. As a

writer and afficionado of mystery fiction, I like to maintain the myth

that justice is done, that wounds are healed, grievances are… Continue

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Inside the crimescene

Last night I arrived home to find that my

apartment building was inside the perimeter of a crimescene. It offered a very different perspective on the

sight, one few novelists (and never on television)

describe. I was not there as a reporter, nor a witness, neither casual observer nor victim.


finally was allowed to enter in order to go home. My brother, on the

other hand, was not allowed to retrieve his car to go to work; no one


leave the… Continue

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NaNoWriMo 2007

I'm revving up for my first year participating in this event. I'll be writing a mystery (of course)! :)
I usually don't outline my stories too much, but this time I am working on a basic outline to get myself going since this is going to be a challenging month. It definitely can't hurt to have an outline all set and done. Once I start writing on November 1st, I'll post here about how things are going with it.

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