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Compelling seeds of true history: Philip Sington’s Writing Life interview

The best historical novels are based on some element of real history which has been either neglected or is little known. Philip Sington's “The Einstein Girl” grows out of the revelation that Albert Einstein had a secret daughter. Sington takes that seed and, with the hand of a true thriller master, builds around it a story of psychiatry and love in the early days of Hitler’s Germany. It's one of the most touching, beautiful, and…

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Vincent Zandri, The Mysterious Writers Interview

Here's some seriously weird stuff about me and how The Innocent came to be resurrected by StoneGate Ink!!
Click here on Mysterious Writers!

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New chapter of my mystery novel online

A new chapter of my book, "Deadly Discrimination", just went online! The book is quickly reaching it's dramatic end. http://kingsriverlife.com/10/16/deadly-discrimination-chapter-21/
Lorie Ham

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Program Book Ads

Program Booklet Ads

Attention, Authors and Publishers! Would you like to advertise your titles in the official Love Is Murder Program Booklet that will be given to each and every LIM attendee come February 4, 2011???

Advertising space is open to all authors and publishers at the following reasonable prices:

Full page: author, $100; publisher, $200

Half page: author, $50; publisher, $100

¼ page: author, $25; publisher $50

Ads should be… Continue

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Guest Post Andy Frankham-Allen

Why Am I Always the Vampire?…


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Crime fiction’s ‘French porn’: Martin Walker’s Writing Life interview

Martin Walker’s series of crime novels about the chief of police of a small town in the beautiful Perigord region of France are a delight. When we met at a recent “British Crime Fiction Night” in Darmstadt, Germany, he described the books as “French porn – wine, food, women – in a crime fiction frame.” Martin’s bon vivant personality matches the playfulness of his fiction (Though he's a Scot by birth, he divides his time between Washington DC and his vineyard in France). Yet he’s also a…

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Graphic Novel Friday Star Trek Countdown

Am I a total geek, a Trekkie, I think not. I saw this and just had to read it. I saw the Star Trek movie in 2009 with Chris Pine & company and really enjoyed it as did many other people. The bad guy Nero,

played by Eric Bana, intrigued me and I had many questions left unanswered by

the movie, this official prequel graphic novel took care of all of them for me,

from a to z, and then some.

Here is a little bit from the…


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Graphic Novel Friday Guest Post Robert Ford

Wish to Hek Reviews: American Vampire, vol. 1…


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A Publisher's Review of 'Glastonbury'

Glastonbury is published by 4RV Publishing of Edmund, Oklahoma, so it's really nice to know that other publishers also like the book, as evidenced by the following review by Mr. Graeme Houston, the CEO of Mythica Publishing. Thanks you to him for his kind words, and I'm so pleased that so far, readers are giving positive feedback on the book, which is already signed for movie development by Thunderball International Films… Continue

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Down Under Interview.

The Manic Readers Group very kindly interviewed me, prior to the launch on 21st October of my fourth

Belinda Lawrence mystery, A CANTERBURY CRIME. I am very grateful to them.

Interview on Manic Readers. Brian Kavanagh, author of Belinda Lawrence mysteries.




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Reasons to Read My October Newsletter

1) It's got a free full audio book (5 nice hours long) available for you to download or listen to streaming.

2) It features a book review that uses the words, "a fiction reader's equivalent of a fighter pilot pulling four Gs for a hole straight into hell."

3) It's got video of a psychic detective getting embarrassed on live television.

4) It's free...of herpes.

Click here to read my October 2010 newsletter.

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Power Down Ben Coes

Power Down is a debut novel by Ben Coes. He is anything but a rookie as far as writing goes, here are the highlights of his career from the back cover: “Ben Coes worked at

the White House under President Ronald Reagan and was a White House appointed

speech writer at the height of the Gulf War. He was the campaign manager of Mitt

Romney’s 2002 gubernatorial campaign and was a fellow at Harvard University’s

John F. Kennedy School of…


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Writing Advice for Newbies!

Lately, a lot of interviewers have been asking me to lend some advice to newbie writers, especially
young people just starting out. So I decided to offer some of that advice here on the Vox.

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Guest Post Abe March

Rambling thoughts took me back to the basics

By Abe F. March

I know that our economy is based on buying and selling. Commercials promoting products and services are everywhere. Billboard promotions

clutter our highways. TV programs are constantly interrupted with

advertising. Junk mail fills…


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Speed Writing!

YA author LM Preston reminds us of an annual event that is guaranteed to get us writing - and tells us the best way to get through it – on my blog, Another Writer’s Life - http://bit.ly/M6MdU

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Love and the crime novel

The crime novel tradition seems to have little connection to love. Maybe sometimes love in a perverse sense is the spur to the murder at the heart of most crime novels – the spurned husband killing his wife, for example. But usually the detective is a loveless loner, pining without much hope like the great Marlowe for his true love to come along.

As I write more novels, I’ve noticed that love is at the heart of crime fiction. At least, mine,…

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Interview with Fresno author Bonnie Hearn Hill

In a special Wednesday edition of Kings River Life Magazine Marilyn Meredith interviews Fresno area author Bonnie Hearn Hill who has a brand new book coming out and a booksigning event coming up next week! http://kingsriverlife.com/10/13/interview-with-local-author-bonnie-hearn-hillbooksigning-event/ She writes in several different genre's and her latest book is a young adult book set… Continue

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An Amazon Review of MASUDA AFFAIR

I'm normally just quietly grateful for readers who'll post a review on Amazon, but this one pleased me so much that I'm sharing it. As you can see, the reviewer is of Japanese descent. Writing cross-gender has never bothered me a great a deal, but I also write cross-race and cross-nationality (as well as across time). A review like this proves my profound conviction that all people at all times share a common humanity that allows them to understand each…


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Review - Cut & Run, Alix Bosco

Book Title: CUT & RUN

Author: Alix Bosco

Publisher: Penguin

Copyright: 2009

ISBN: 978-0-14-320469-5

No of Pages: 281

Book Synopsis:

When a rugby star who began his life on the streets is murdered in the arms of a beautiful celebrity, it seems to be an open-and-shut case of a drug deal gone wrong but Anna Markunas, legal researcher for the prime suspect's defence team, begins to uncover a far more sinister truth - one that could ultimately destroy… Continue

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Meet Me in VA this weekend!

Saturday the Borders in Woodbridge hosts me for a book signing. It's just off I-95 near Potomac Mills Mall. I've done very well there in the past and expect to again. If you're in the area, pay me a visit between 2pm and 6pm at 2904 Prince William County Parkway, Woodbridge VA-…


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